A Global Average Salary for iOS Developers in 2022

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There are talented iOS developers all over the world, but their location affects their salary greatly. In the United States, the average iOS developer’s salary is $114,614 per year, which equates to $9,551 per month or $55 per hour.

Market for iOS

The iOS operating system is used by Apple’s products, including the iPhone. A mobile operating system introduced in 2007, it ranks second only to Android in popularity. GlobalStats reports that 28.21% of people use iOS, and 71.09% prefer Android. There are more iOS users than Samsung users, who make up 0.38%.

iOS developers

Would you like to know how many iOS developers there are in the world? EvansData estimates there are 2.8 million. In the United States, Apple employs over 80,000 people. Apple has 250 or more employees in 29 US cities. Apple does not hire all iOS developers, nor does this data include only software engineers.

The right iOS developer for your team depends on a number of factors. You will have to spend more on hiring developers with many years of experience, which will be reflected in the budget you have. It is much easier to upsize or downsize your team when you work with a remote development team, saving you time and money.

What is the difference between native and cross-platform app development?

In some cases, you may have to decide whether to develop apps for iOS and Android or the reverse. Developers can build apps that run on both platforms using Flutter, Google’s mobile UI framework. Since you need fewer developers to develop cross-platform apps, they are less expensive, but they don’t offer the same level of functionality as native apps.

Salaries for iOS developers in the USA

A typical iOS developer makes about $114,614, which works out to $9,551 per month or $55 per hour. On average, a junior developer costs $85,989 per year, while a middle developer is paid $108,586. An experienced developer can earn upwards of $123,136 a year. On average, a lead iOS engineer earns $166,999 per year – or $80 per hour – for their leadership skills and years of experience.

How much does an iOS developer make on average around the world?

  • Switzerland: The annual salary for an iOS developer is $101,690 per year. On average, junior developers make $72,330, and middle developers make $103,260.
  • Australia: An iOS developer costs on average $58,820 per year, or $25.15 per hour. Junior developers earn $54,710 per year, while middle developers earn $73,480. Approximately $80,600 is earned by senior developers.
  • Germany: Junior iOS developers earn $56,150 a year. Around $66,780 is paid to middle developers, and $65,780 is paid to senior developers.
  • Netherlands: Hiring an iOS developer in the Netherlands will cost you $51,150 per year on average. A junior iOS developer gets around $44,840 yearly, while a middle developer gets $61,770. Senior developers make $78,170 per year on average.
  • United Kingdom: The average salary for a junior iOS developer is $46,420 per year. A middle developer earns $66,150, while a senior developer earns $79,920.
  • United Arab Emirates: Typically, developers earn $33,460 a year. Developers who are juniors earn around $31,040, while developers who are middle earn around $38,760.