Angular Developer Salaries Around the World

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The initial release of the Angular web framework was known as AngularJS, with the “JS” representing JavaScript. Unfortunately, Google made some mistakes with the first version of Angular. To simplify things, instead of naming the current version Angular 2 or 2.0+, they simply referred to it as Angular.

Angular is a highly sought-after web framework, and for a good reason. As the third most popular framework according to the latest StackOverflow survey, it follows only the well-established jQuery and the widely-used React.js. The key factor behind Angular’s popularity is TypeScript, a language that extends JavaScript. TypeScript is well-loved by developers and ranked #2 in the same survey. Its compatibility with JavaScript and its strict architecture and error handling make it a programmer’s favorite. The error-checking feature, especially important for production software, helps ensure bugs are caught and fixed quickly.

The salaries for Angular developers differ significantly across job boards. This disparity may be due to the fact that some positions require experience with the outdated Angular JS framework, while others require expertise in the more recent Angular 2.0+. Once Angular JS reaches its end-of-life, no further updates or bug fixes will be made.

Angular developer salary range in the USA

The average yearly salary for an Angular developer in the USA is estimated at $115,061, equivalent to roughly $6900 a month. In contrast, Angular developers in countries such as Ukraine and Poland typically earn between $4000-$5000 per month, which translates to a yearly salary range of $48,000-$60,000. These countries have lower taxes, making it more cost-efficient for employers to pay comparable salaries.

Angular developer salary range in Germany

In Germany, the average Angular developer’s salary varies based on the data source. According to, the median salary range for Angular developers falls between €40,574 and €59,700 per annum or €3272 and €4815 per month. However,, based on data from 118 Angular developer salaries, shows a median monthly salary of €5417 or €65,000 per year. The salary range for Angular developers in Germany is between €4500 per month or €54,000 per year to €7100 per month or €85,000 per year.

Angular developer salary range in Switzerland

Switzerland is renowned for having one of the world’s highest-paying economies, so what does that mean for the salary ranges of Angular developers in the central European nation? According to data from, which is based on 59 salaries, the median annual salary for an Angular developer in Switzerland is CHF 110,000 (€ 105,000) per year or CHF 9167 (€ 8750) per month. Junior positions can expect to earn around CHF 90,000 (€ 85,910) per year or CHF 7500 (€ 7160) per month, while senior Angular developers can earn up to CHF 135,000 (€ 128,866) annually, equating to CHF 11,250 (€ 10,740) per month.

Angular developer salary range in Eastern Europe

Companies from high-wage countries in Western Europe and North America resort to hiring IT specialists from Eastern Europe to reduce costs. Besides the salary gap, there are still cost-saving opportunities to be had, especially in terms of lower taxes and social security contributions in Eastern Europe. The quality of developers in the region and the large pool of talent still make it a popular destination for IT recruitment.

For example, according to the Polish IT salary data portal,, Angular developers in Poland earn between €1525 and €48,000 per year. Despite recent geopolitical issues, thousands of IT specialists continue to work from safer regions of Ukraine, which still has a large pool of IT talent. The jobs portal,, is a reliable source of salary data for IT roles in Ukraine and shows an average salary range for Angular developers of between $2500 and $6500. Some entry-level Angular developers in Ukraine can earn as little as $1000 per month, while senior developers can earn over $7000.