Top Industries Paying the Most for IT Experts

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Jobs in fascinating, high-paying industries are opening up for those with technical abilities as almost every business undergoes a digital transition. Particularly marketable are people with IT (or information technology) backgrounds.

The Skillsoft IT Skills and Salary survey is in its seventh year of operation, and it has polled close to 8,000 IT professionals on topics like their IT certifications, the difficulties they’ve encountered in hybrid workplaces, and their job-seeking propensities.

Insightful data regarding the state of the IT industry in 2022, such as which sectors pay IT experts, may be found in the results of a study conducted that year.

Looking for the high-paying industries high-paying industries? Here are the industries where IT professionals can expect to earn the most money, as reported by one of the largest studies of IT salaries, skills, and certifications, the Skillsoft IT Skills and Salary survey.

Defense or Aerospace

Pay scale: $142,066.67 per year on average

The aerospace industry produces products and services for spacecraft, commercial airlines, missiles, and military and commercial airlines. About half a million Americans work in some aspect of the aerospace sector.

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IT Software 

Pay scale: $135,680.08 per year on average

What we call “software” are our computers’ intangible, digital components.

Building, architecture, and engineering

Pay scale: $127,498.78 per year on average

The term “construction technology” (or “contech”) refers to the field in which building and technology meet. For example, a construction business may employ AR/VR technology to model and envision a project before beginning construction. There is a need for people with a firm grasp of construction fundamentals and data-oriented technical abilities that will ensure the sector’s continued success in the years to come.

IT Consulting

Pay scale: $126,613.61 per year on average

Consulting is a vague term that can have different connotations depending on the company using it. For instance, an IT consulting firm typically provides end-to-end advice on how a company should approach its IT projects.

Law, Real Estate, and Insurance

Pay scale: $126,063.24 per year on average

Insurance, real estate, and law firms use the software in several ways. They may employ cloud computing to store and retrieve massive quantities of data or CRM (customer relationship management) software to handle customer interactions.

Professional business services

Pay scale: $121,219.57 per year on average

The term “professional business services” refers to intangible goods and services that help businesses. IT services, website creation, and security administration are all examples of professional services in the IT industry.

IT Hardware

Pay scale: $120.578.35 per year on average

If you’re interested in learning more about the inner workings of a computer or the “hardware,” you might find our Computer Architecture course useful. Fundamentals of Operating Systems is a good introductory course for learning how software and hardware work together to make computers work.

Minerals, petroleum, and gas 

Pay scale: $118,515.31 per year on average

Companies in the mining industry mine for oil, gas, coal, and other naturally occurring minerals. About 587,700 Americans are employed in the mining, oil, and gas industries. Artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are just two examples of cutting-edge technology used by the oil and gas industry to improve their processes.