Salary Rates for React Developers Around the Globe

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Salary rates and ranges for React developers are critical in light of the current shortage of skilled workers in this field. React is now the most widely used JavaScript library for web development. Front-end and full-stack engineers using React as a cornerstone of their technology stack are in higher demand than any other web development framework. Python, JavaScript, and HTML are the only exclusions.

There are now 66,859 jobs listed on in the United States that demand expertise in React.js. When compared to the second most popular frontend technology, the JS framework Angular, which is mentioned in 34, 619 spots, that’s more than twice as many.

Be aware that these numbers provide a high-level estimate of the range of compensation or cost for a React developer. The exact range you may anticipate earning or pay depends on a myriad of variables, including the specific skills and expertise you bring to the table (e.g., full-stack developer, front-end developer, etc.).

Due to a lack of data, it is also more difficult to average salaries for increasingly prevalent distant employment compared to those related to a specific nation or area. Salary levels for remote workers are often compared to those of full-time, in-office workers and are either kept the same or lowered if the company’s headquarters are situated in a more costly location.

Average salaries for React developers in Germany

According to, a German wage database, the median yearly compensation for a React developer is €62,185. This means that earnings fall between €55,557 and €69,579, omitting the top and poorest 25 percentiles. In Germany, a React developer can expect to make an average of €5015 a month.

Average salaries are broken down by experience level on, with the highest paying positions going for as much as €5665 per month (or €70,250 per year) for senior React developers and the lowest paying positions starting at €4420 per month (or €54,808 per year) for professionals with less than three years experience. also provides a city-by-city and regional analysis of React developer salaries in Germany. Baden-Württemberg has the highest yearly salary, at €67,324, followed by Hessen at €67,307, and Bavaria at €65,352. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, in northern Germany, has the lowest salaries for React developers.

Average salaries for React developers in Switzerland

It’s no secret that Switzerland has some of the highest salaries in the world, and React engineers are no exception, with an average pay of CHF117,500 (€113,917). At the bottom of the pay range for React developers in Switzerland, they still make a healthy CHF90,000 (€87,256), while at the top, senior software engineers with React competence may earn up to CHF125,000 (€121,119).

Average salaries for React developers in the UK

Although Germany has Europe’s biggest economy, software engineers and IT experts will find a larger job market in the United Kingdom. How much do you make if you’re a React developer in the UK?

Glassdoor’s range is based on a sample size of 14 salaries reported by individuals in React developer jobs. Income estimates for React developers in the UK are given, with an average salary of £50,000 indicated. This provides a range from a low of £28,000 to a high of £89,000.

Information gathered from indicates that a React developer in the United Kingdom can expect to earn a median yearly income of £70,000. This figure is based on a sample size of 1666 salaries. The 10th percentile falls around $45,000, the 25th around $55,000, and the 50th around $70,000. The 75th percentile salary for a React developer is £90,000, while the 90th percentile salary is almost £108,000.

High compensation growth for React engineers is also seen in the statistics. The median wage increase is 30%, with a year-over-year increase of 12%. When London pay data is taken out of the equation, the median yearly wage of React developers in the UK falls from £70,000 to £65,000.

Average salaries for a React developer in Poland

Salary estimates for React developers in Poland vary from PLN 11,914 (€2598) to PLN 17,210 (€3753) per month, or PLN 142,968 (€31,175) to PLN 206,520 (€45,033) each year, according to the Polish IT wages data site

Starting salaries for junior React developers in Poland are PLN96,000 (€20,934) per year. The average monthly salary for a senior React developer is PLN20,641 (€4500), with a maximum annual salary of PLN247,692 (€54,011).

Average salaries for React developers in the United States

The American economy and the IT industry are the biggest in the world. Although the United States has a higher concentration of React developers than any other nation, the demand for software developers and other IT experts far exceeds the supply. Naturally, that causes wage increases.

According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary for a React developer in the United States is just $88,328, or around $7360 monthly. The average annual salary for a React developer in the United States is $103,000, not including bonuses of around $15,000.

Ziprecruiter has a far greater range, likely reflecting the inclusion of data for entry-level and higher-level leadership positions. According to their findings, the starting salary for a React.js developer is $35,000 per year or $2916 per month.

According to PayScale, the median annual income for a React developer is $110,278 (or $9190 per month), with the highest-paying React positions bringing in up to $167,000 (or $13,917 per month).