Data Salary Statistics For iOS Developers

Image by Puurchantal from Pixabay

We now use our mobile devices to connect to the Internet more than we do our desktops. For this reason, app development is more and more important, whether it’s for our banking, shopping, even communicating with our children’s schools via apps. The mobile-first approach is something that many companies are adopting, and with this, the demand for expert mobile app developers is on the rise.

In the US, Canada, and Australia, iOS is the most popular mobile operating system and it is still the second most popular worldwide. It makes sense that iOS developers are paid more than many other software developers, especially in the fore-mentioned countries.

The role of an iOS developer is to create and maintain apps that are run on devices made by Apple, such as iPhones, iPads, and even Apple Watches and Apple TV. The average income for an iOS developer in the US is 75,342€. However, in this article, we are going to take a closer look at the average salaries for iOS developers in European countries.

Countries We Have Compared

Yes, we know that the UK is no longer a member of the E.U, but geographically speaking, it is still part of Europe and therefore, worth a mention. In Scandinavia, we looked at Denmark, Finland, and Sweden. Spain and Italy were considered from the South of Europe. Finally, we also found out about Germany and Poland.

It’s not only the location that will affect an iOS developer’s salary. Experience plays a role too and for this, we made sure to look at Junior (typically 1-4 years of experience), Mid-Career (5-8 years of experience) and Senior developers (more than 9 years of experience).

Average Salaries for Junior iOS Developers

  • UK- 32,195€
  • Denmark- 45,577€
  • Finland- 33,362€
  • Sweden- 34,077€
  • Spain- 20,171€
  • Italy- 23,414€
  • Germany- 40,268€
  • Poland- 19,681€

A  in the US can earn an average of 70,000€, so there isn’t a country on our list that comes close to this income. Denmark and Germany are the two countries with the highest-paid iOS developers, whereas surprisingly, Poland comes in at less than both Italy and Spain.

Average Salaries for Mid-Career iOS Developers

  • UK- 50,072€
  • Denmark- 61,598€
  • Finland- 40,376€
  • Sweden- 45,418€
  • Spain-32,034€
  • Italy- 28,183€
  • Germany- 49,939€
  • Poland- 36,600€

When looking at this level of experience, the UK has the highest average salary, but it still isn’t close to the US at 91,355€. Poland sees quite a substantial increase, as does Spain. On the other hand, the average salary for iOS developers with 5-8 years of experience in Italy still remains quite low.

Average Salaries for Senior iOS Developers

  • UK- 79,963€
  • Denmark- 109,794€
  • Finland- 55,295€
  • Sweden- 79,457€
  • Spain-33,044€
  • Italy- 34,113€
  • Germany- 61,414€
  • Poland- 47,801€

When you start comparing average salaries for Senior iOS developers, things get a bit more interesting. In the US, there isn’t such a significant increase compared with some of the European countries. In fact, developers in Denmark earn more than those in the US. The average salary for a senior iOS developer in the US is 108,303€. Sweden and the Uk have very similar rates, around the 79,000€ mark. Finland, Germany, and Poland see decent increases, nevertheless, the Mediterranean countries are still lagging behind, with Spain now having the lowest average salaries.

In Conclusion

There is, of course, one other thing to take into consideration. The cost of living in each country will have an impact on the overall standards of living for iOS developers. It goes without saying that Spain and Italy will have a lower cost of living than the US and the UK. The Scandinavian countries are notorious for having an excellent standard of living and this may be enough to compensate for their lower average incomes.