IT Average Wages in Spain 2021

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How much money does a person get working in Information Technology in Spain?

A person working in Information Technology gets approximately 2730 EUR per month. Based on the figures published by Salary Explorer, wages vary from 1510 EUR to 4320 EUR. This is the average monthly wage including housing, transport, and other benefits.

Information Technology Jobs Salary Distribution in Spain

According to the same study, almost everyone earns 4320 EUR or less, 75% of employees earn 3520 EUR or less, while 50% of employees earn 2730 or less, and finally, 25% earn less than 1910 EUR.

Salary Comparison by Years of Experience

The experience level is the most important thing in salary. Employees with experience from 2 to 5 years earn 32% more than juniors in all industries.

Professionals with experience of more than 5 years earn 36% more than those with 5 years or less.

With 10 years the salary boosts by 21% and also a 14% for having 15 years more.

Salary Comparison by Education

We compared the salaries of professionals at the same level but different schools and below are the findings.

Workers with a certificate or diploma earn 17% more than those who have reached high school level. Employees who earned a Bachelor’s Degree earn 24% more than those who had a certificate or diploma. Professionals who had a Master’s Degree had wages that were more than 29% of those with a Bachelor’s Degree. Finally, Ph.D. workers earn 23% more than those with a Master’s Degree on average.

Is a Master’s degree or an MBA worth it?

A Master’s degree in Spain costs from 13600 EUR to 40700 EUR and endures for 2 years. Many people intend to educate themselves more to have a higher-paying job. The decision is up to you.

Information Technology Average Annual Increment Percentage in Spain

How much money do professionals earn through salary raises?

In Spain, Information Technology professionals have a 9% increase every 16 months. In every profession, the rate is 8% every 17 months.

Information Technology Bonus and Incentive Rates in Spain

Information Technology is a medium field in bonus. 47% of staff in Information Technology didn’t have any bonuses the previous year while 53% hadn’t received at least one bonus.

Types of Bonuses Considered

  • Individual Performance-Based Bonuses – It is the most common bonus awarded.
  • Company Performance Bonuses – Some firms celebrate their profits with all workers.
  • Goal-Based Bonuses – Delivered when a milestone is conquered
  • Holiday/End of Year Bonuses – Given without a reason and it means an appreciation to the workers and all staff

Information Technology Hourly Average Wage in Spain

On average an IT employee earns 16 EUR per hour.

Jobs are subsumed into 2 categories. Salaried jobs and Hourly jobs. Salaried jobs pay a fixed amount of money while Hourly jobs pay per hour.

Salary Comparison By City


Average Salary


3,140 EUR


2,700 EUR

Las Palmas

2,760 EUR


3,200 EUR


2,920 EUR

2,870 EUR

Palma de Mallorca

2,810 EUR


3,030 EUR

3,090 EUR


2,980 EUR


Who pays more? Government or Private Sector?

Private Sector pays 2650 EUR whereas Public Sector 2770 EUR.