Average Tech Salaries for Liechtenstein Workers in 2021

Photo by Henrique Ferreira on Unsplash

While “information technology” encompasses a large number of different jobs and positions, let’s look at some average salaries for an information technology worker currently employed in Liechtenstein.

Liechtenstein, a German-speaking microstate in the Alpine region of central Europe, is known as a hub for banking, finance, business, and information technology. Infotech positions make up a large number of positions, but the current average salary as of 2021 is about 5,330 CHF per month ($5,776 USD), ranging from 2,770 CHF per month ($3,001 USD) on the low end and 8,690 CHF per month ($9,417 USD) on the higher end. This monthly salary includes housing, transportations, and any other benefits the hire in that position may receive.

For more specific jobs, the numbers vary but mainly stay within that range. Why don’t we take a look at those next:

Most lower-earning positions are those currently in the developing world, including ABAP and Android Developers, as well as account and financial planners, with their salaries ranging from 4,920 CHF per month ($5,331 USD) to around 4,150 CHF per month ($4,497 USD).

Middle-range salaries tend to be given to those who are in the engineering and programming sectors, including those working in consulting and those working with artificial intelligence. These salaries range from about 6,320 CHF per month ($6,848 USD) to 6,670 CHF per month ($7,228 USD).

The highest-ranging salaries typically go to those who are overseeing or managing the lower and middle range positions. This includes data managers, data warehousing managers, security managers, database administration managers, e-commerce managers, sales and marketing managers, and enterprise managers. These higher salaries also typically include information security officers and directors of sectors like technology, recovery, and application development.

Information technology is a fast-growing and highly needed career across the globe. There are hundreds of positions within this field that are hiring weekly. As evidenced, this career choice can become very financially lucrative with the right position. While many people in the information technology sector may start out as a developer or programmer, with experience and hard work it can be easy to climb the ranks to a higher-up position like a manager or even director.

So, if you’ve just started your career in information technology and hope to advance and raise your salary, you are in luck. Keep on that career path and you’ll find your salary rising in just a few short years.