Salary Distribution for Information Technology Jobs in Dublin 2021

Photo by Andrei Carina on Unsplash

If you are working in Dublin’s Information Technology industry, it is very likely you part with an average annual salary of around 45,300 EUR. The variations in wages are clear, with top earners pocketing around 73,900 EUR while the lowest earners gather around 23,500 EUR.

Dublin’s salary distribution for jobs in Information Technology

How salary is distributed

The maximum average salary for a person working in Information Technology in Dublin in a year is 73,900 EUR while the average minimum wage is 23,500 EUR in a year.

The median highlights the most median salary figure. Half of the people working in Information Technology accumulate a lesser amount of 47,200 EUR per year, while the other half has more than 47,200 EUR.

In percentage, a small number of people (25%) working in Information Technology earn lesser figure of 31,800 EUR while the remaining 75% of them gather more than 31,800 EUR.

Determinants of salary earnings

Years of experience

The debate of experience in earning a good salary is impossible to avoid. It is logical the lengthier the experience on a job, the higher the pay. The starters or fresher’s in any industry or position will pocket a lesser salary percentage than experienced employees.

Education level

Naturally, it is well acknowledged that the higher the education level, the larger the sum of salary one will pocket. Holders of a certificate or a diploma will automatically earn less than a degree holder while on the same job post. Employees who achieved a Master’s Degree will pocket more than those who completed Bachelor’s Degree, while a Ph.D. holder will bag more than a Master’s Degree holder while on the same career.

Gender factor

There shouldn’t be a gender effect on paying, but the distinction in salaries is vividly noticed in reality. There is, for example, in Ireland, an apparent dissimilarity in pay in where the female employees are earning around 37,800 EUR, which is 4% less than their male colleagues who part with 39,400 EUR on average.

Salary increment in Information Technology

Individual input to the realization of organizational goals influences salary increments. However, the salary increments will depend on other factors such as experience, duration of working in the organization, education level, among other factors.

Incentives and Bonus in Information Technology

Several limitations influence the generation of direct revenues in Information Technology, such as access to markets, competition in the information technology sector, among other factors. These constraints have affected awarding of bonuses and incentives to employees. However, companies that make excess earnings and profits reward their employees through dividends.

The hourly wage in Dublin

Working in Dublin for an hour will earn you an average salary of 22 EUR. A worker in the private sector will earn 5% less pay than their public equals on the same job post. With the salary variations in Information Technology for the same job, one can still earn an extra EUR note by working overtime.

In conclusion, working as an IT worker in Dublin is profitable. Following the above basis on which salary for IT professionals is distributed, it is considered free and fair.