The Best-Paying Countries for Software Developers in the World 

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Software developers are in high demand and so the be expected, the salaries are quite high. All over the world, they are usually higher than the typical salary. But actual numbers can vary quite – not only from country to country but even within, from city to city. Furthermore, a salary for one skillset can greatly vary in the different countries.

So here are the best-paying countries for software developers in the world. 


According to Indeed, the country with the highest pay for software developers in 2020 was the USA with an average salary of $106,816. 

The highest paying skills are Android, iOS, JavaScript, and Python. For example, JavaScript developers earn $115K, while Python developers make $120K. The lowest paying is for .NET developers – at $96K per year. Front-end developers make $106K and full-stack engineers – $113K/year. 

Junior developers can expect around $101,178 while senior developers make an average of $118,898 per year.


Software developers in Israel earn an average salary of $92K. The highest pay among technologies goes to .NET software developers $105,053 per year. C++ ($65,181), Full-stack($57,939), and JavaScript ($54,986) developers have the lowest salaries.

Junior developers in Israel can expect to earn $65K, while senior software engineers make $96K on average. 


In Europe, the highest salary for software developers is earned in Switzerland – an average of $88,773 per year. The highest salary in Switzerland is for C++ ($94,197) and iOS ($96,153) developers, and DevOps salary is $103,698 on average. 

The lowest paying salary in Switzerland is for PHP developers – $74,758 per year. 


Software developers in Norway earn an average of $60K per year. The highest salary is for Android developers – nearly $66K, while the lowest is for PHP developers – only $51,837. 

Both C++ and Java developers can expect an average of $58K, and iOS developer salary is slightly lower – $56K. 


Software developers earned an average of $59,072 in the UK in 2020. The highest salary is for Java developers – they earn approximately $95,171. The lowest pay is for .NET and C# – $59,072, while PHP developers earn only $55,790. 

Junior software engineers make around $39,381, while senior engineers – $72,199 per year.


In Germany, software developers earn an average of $54,705. Junior developers earn around $55,457 while senior developers can expect around $68,508. 

The highest salaries are for Java ($59,882), Full-stack($59,389), and C++($60,451) software engineers. The lowest salary is for a Python software engineer – only $54,714 per year. 


In the Netherlands, the average salary in 2020 was $51,268. The highest pay goes to full-stack software developers – an average of $63,557, while front-end and PHP developers earn the lowest – $45,602 and $46,462 accordingly.

Junior programmers can expect to earn $37,188, while the salary for senior software developers can reach $66,428.