13 IT Jobs That Offer The Highest Salaries in 2020

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Due to the increasing demand for highly skilled IT professionals, there are plenty of opportunities in the market for qualified specialists. Regardless of whether you are a mobile app developer or cybersecurity expert, it is likely that you will be able to benefit from salary increases. Here is a compiled list of 13 of the top paying IT jobs.

  1. Big Data Engineer

Average Annual Salary: $163,250

For companies that are collecting massive amounts of unstructured data and need it to be converted into structured data, a big data engineer is necessary. The role of a big data engineer also includes decision-making and strategy-setting. They will often be responsible for creating hardware and/or software for a company. Most big data engineers have a degree in computer science and extensive knowledge in mathematics and databases.

  1. Mobile App Developer

Average Annual Salary: $146,500

The demand for app developers is simple to understand when you consider today’s use of smartphones and tablets. Mobile applications need to be able to work with a range of platforms, significantly Android and iOS. They will also need experience with a range of programming languages and frameworks. In many cases, they will also have worked with web development languages.

  1. Information Systems Security Manager

Average Annual Salary: $143,250

Our online security is becoming an increasing concern, so a top information systems security manager will have a high level of expertise in systems, network security, and be up to date with all of the evolving security technology and new trends and government regulations. Most companies will expect certifications like Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP) or CompTIA Security+. Soft skills will include problem-solving, excellent communication, and leadership abilities.

  1. Applications Architect

Average Annual Salary: $141,750

As designers of the principal parts of an app, this role involves everything from the user interface, middleware, and infrastructure. Teamwork is essential and, in some cases, the management of teams. Organizational skills are a must in order to follow plans and timelines.

  1. Data Architect

Average Annual Salary: $141,250

A data architect will manage data storage in data centers and make sure the data is well-organized. Part of the job is to make sure the databases ore equipped with the highest security. Finally, they will be required to understand the needs of a business into database solutions.

  1. Database Manager

Average Annual Salary: $133,500

Even before the latest technology revolution, it would have been hard to find a business without a database. Now that we are gathering more and more data, it is critical that there is an IT professional to maintain and support these databases. Typically, the larger the organization, the more data it will have and the bigger the need for a database manager. They will have to have excellent strategic planning abilities.

  1. Data Security Analyst

Average Annual Salary: $129,000

This role is very similar to an Information Systems Security Manager at a less senior level. It also requires the same certifications. As well as network security, they will need to be well informed of firewall administration, encryption technologies, and network protocols.

  1. Software Engineer

Average Annual Salary: $125,750

Software engineers are responsible for the engineering specs of apps and software and will need a background in information systems. Often, a degree in computer science is required, or a degree in a similar field. It is important that software engineers have extensive knowledge of certain programming languages.

  1. Wireless Network/Cloud Engineer

Average Annual Salary: $123,750

Everything is becoming wireless and many businesses are switching to cloud-based solutions. These engineers need to have a broad range of knowledge covering all network technology, wireless equipment, and WLAC design. Benefits would be problem-solving skills and qualifications such as Certified Wireless Network Professional (CWNP).

  1. Data Scientist

Average Annual Salary:  $125,250

Data scientists collect complex information from a number of sources and turn it into valuable information for companies to make insightful decisions. Math, computer science, and programming languages like Python and Java are essential skills. They are also business-minded with great communication skills.

  1. Senior Web Developer

Average Annual Salary: $123,000

This position is about developing specifications for web-based apps for specific business needs, integrating front and back-end systems, and offering guidance to web admins. PHP, Ruby on Rails, and content management systems are some of the areas of expertise as well as various years managing web properties.

  1. Site Reliability Engineer

Average Annual Salary: $122,000

A site reliability engineer will need to be experts in applications and code in order to monitor the performance. Ideally, they will be able to write code, assisting both the development and operation. It’s important that they are able to communicate and work well with other team members and even be there in case of an app emergency.

  1. Systems Engineer

Average Annual Salary: $106,000

This role is important for the technical support of a company’s infrastructure such as hardware and software. They may have to handle debugging and reconfiguration, so these engineers need to have experience with the development process. Communication skills are necessary, particularly being able to explain technical terms to the nontechnical.

In Summary

These salaries are a promising sign for IT professionals. The need for experts has been growing in recent years and is set to continue on the same path. We have mentioned just 13 of the top-paying IT jobs for 2020, there are plenty more!