Top 5 Job Boards in Croatia in 2021

Image by Marko Tomic from Pixabay

Looking for a job in Croatia can be energy-sapping and time-consuming, particularly if you don’t have the right information. Keeping up to date on the available job vacancies boards in Croatia will make your job search easier. When it comes to job search and job openings in Croatia therefore, there are a lot of job boards available to search for job positions and vacancies.

Keep reading to learn more about the top 5 job boards in Croatia.

  1. is number one of our top 5 job boards in Croatia with over 135,319 remote and full-time jobs available. This is a platform where all the applicants have equal opportunity to job vacancies. The platform links candidates to the right employers. Moreover, a lot of employers in Croatia make use of the to actualize their dreams.

  1. MojPosao

MojPosao job board is one of the most visited job boards in Croatia. The job entertains over 700,000 visitors every month. So far, over 54.000 customers began their recruitment process on the platform through ads. Being a renowned job site in Croatia, MojPosao is the best choice for job seekers and recruiters in Croatia. The various useful tools used on the job board make it simpler for job applicants to know their salary and keep updated with the latest news.

Presently, 4,145 job positions are available on this Croatia job board with IT, Sales, and production having the most vacancy positions.


The Croatia job board matches capable job applicants with recruiters in need of their services. With this leading Croatia job board, candidates can equally get career counseling. Additionally, job seekers get support concerning their salaries, interview skills, and profiles.

On the other hand, helps companies and recruiters alike to find their unicorns better, compared to other Croatia job boards.


The is the best job board for all recruitment requirements in Croatia. More than 4,113 job vacancies are available on the job board with many of them in production. The platform makes it simple for Croatian job seekers and recruiters to locate each other. Also, creating an account on the job board is a breeze.

  1. is another fantastic and top job board in Croatia. The job platform connects links job seekers to those companies looking for talents worldwide. In other words, job seekers can get connected to recruiters and companies who are in need of their services.

The Croatia job board will get employers the right talent for their opening positions. This job board boasts a wide range of companies, job seekers, and job openings. That is the reason for their uniqueness.

There are quite a lot of outstanding job boards for job seekers and recruiters in Croatia. The 5 top job boards in Croatia are the most comfortable and fastest way to land that your dream job. Give any of these Croatia top job boards a try. They are the best places to get started for a remarkable experience whether you are an employer or a job seeker.