The Demand to Hire Developers in 2021

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The world has broken records in the technology industry. It has reached the trillions with the number of electronic devices that are in use daily. But, to use those devices, developers are needed to help put together the codes and programs that make them function. Since technological advancements have continued to increase at a rapid rate, the demand for those developers has also increased. Having roughly 18 million developers in 2013, predictions have been made that the number will reach close to 30 million by 2023. But how many developers in the world are there currently?
Globally, there are 27 million developers now. The world can expect to see that number hit 45 million by around 2030.
Under 20 percent of jobs in the tech industry are held by women throughout the US. Interestingly, India reported a much more gender-equal trend due to its education system and culture.
Demand for Developers
Startup businesses are one of the reasons why the demand for developers hasn’t decreased. Other reasons include:
–      Apps are built, updated, and constantly changed…and developers are needed for that.
–      Code is constructed once, then adapted as required for an unlimited number of times.
–      Complexity increases regarding projects because of the addition of data.
The Pandemic
Although the path of the tech industry was steadily increasing by the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated it. The limitations of working remotely, financial difficulties, health significance on a global scale, and numerous other factors affected the industry’s technological system. Even a year later, as vaccines become widespread and remote work is less common, it’s difficult to predict what the tech industry will look like in the near (or far) future.
Comparison of Developer Numbers
The systems countries have implemented for their developers impact other countries, though not necessarily in ways that will be detrimental to either. For example, Asia and Latin America’s spike in developer numbers may not take as many clients away as expected from its competitors in Eastern Europe. This area works with clients on a global scale, having built a solid reputation. In line with the demand for developers, the reputations and relationships that have been established regarding outsourcing specifically may or may not change. With the world as it currently stands, too many predictions may prove to be false as industries are adapting now more than ever to the consistent changes the pandemic has initiated.
Wrapping Everything Up
One thing is certain regarding the tech industry—the demand for developers will not decrease any time soon. Society is becoming more and more dependent on technology, meaning developers are needed to maintain the functionality of that technology. Updates must be made as new security measures are implemented and software is improved. Remaining up-to-date on the latest technology is crucial for a developer’s skills, just as it is for companies looking to hire developers. Once again, the tech industry’s routine evolution can only allow for so many predictions before they become irrelevant…but developers aren’t likely to ever be.