Overview of the IT Job Market in Spain

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 The need for software developers and engineers in Spain

Spain is one of the countries that are so much in need of software engineers, despite its high unemployment rate. Spain’s quality of life is quite good with a beautiful sandy beach and a sunny climate, but unemployment is high. The unemployment rate in Spain has reduced up to 15%, and they need software engineers.

The big digital job market in Spain

Spain has over 33,000 IT businesses, and It is known as the central European country with IT jobs. There is so many open jobs position for software developers and engineers. Among the business investments in Spain are startups, including Real Madrid and Barcelona. Being the 4th leading European country with IT jobs, Spain does not have enough graduates to fill it. There are many software developers in Spain; however, they are not enough based on the demand.

The need for software developers and engineer’s increases

The lack of software developers in Spain is not going to end soon due to population decline. Based on research conducted, job vacancies in Spain will increase up to double the number now. IT workers’ need in Spain is expected to grow up to 25% in the coming years. Spain will face brain drain due to the population decline, and it will desperately be needing software engineers and developers.

The IT degrees in Spain

It is pretty unbelievable, but only one percent of the degrees in Spain are related to IT. All of the graduates in this one percentage will get employed, and the gap remains significant. Based on the OECD’s research, the results show that the number of adults who lack IT skills and communications is 23 percent.

Many companies in Spain desperately look for software engineers and developers beyond Spain due to a country shortage. The education system in Spain needs to increase the IT degrees to reduce the shortage of these talents.

Spain is hunting IT professionals from abroad.

Without a doubt, more than 20% of companies in Spain are now looking for software developers and engineers abroad. Other companies have also shifted to Spain to get cheap and available labor with their software engineers ready. There is a high quality of life in Spain and everything there is favorable apart from the shortage of IT specialists.

Most of the startups and corporations in Spain have employees from all over the world, including Barcelona and Real Madrid. Nearly the entire companies in Spain have hired IT specialist from abroad and thee trend continue.

In conclusion, unless the education system in Spain changes and start training IT specialist, the continues search for these talents abroad will continue. There are other countries with so many IT specialists who desperately in search of jobs, unlike Spain. Spain offers a perfect job market for software engineers and developers who want to pursue their careers. The leading causes of the lack of IT specialists in Spain need to be taken care of by other countries to avoid this.