Why Germany Is a Top Destination for Software Engineers

Image by Leif Linding from Pixabay

If you are a software engineer you might be looking into different destinations that can offer better career possibilities. There are many locations with a shortage of experienced IT engineers where you can find well-paid and rewarding work. Germany is one of the top places for software engineers with several benefits you can take advantage of. 

Read on to find out more about why you should choose Germany as your next destination to advance in your career as a software engineer. 

Culture and language 

If you do not speak German, you can still rely on English especially if you are going to be working in a startup or an international company. Even in German companies, most people in IT departments are highly proficient in English. But when it comes to local and everyday life, you will need to learn at least the basics of the language to get around easier. German people are generally easy to warm up to once you get through their direct and strict facade. 


Germany is quite a safe country compared to many others. There are strong security measures, almost no corruption, and hardly any public unrest. Berlin is ranked the 7th safest city in the world – definitely something to consider especially if you are bringing your family to Germany. 

Internet speeds

Internet speed is of most importance for IT professionals and in Germany, you will find a much better speed compared to the US, for example. With an average internet speed of 55 Mbps, you will find no issues working properly. 

Social security 

Working in Germany means that you automatically contribute to the social security system and can take advantage of public health insurance and unemployment benefits. This means that you have an important safety net even as an expat – something that other countries lack. 

Expat communities in Germany

There are many expats in Germany, especially in large cities like Berlin and Munich. You will not miss your international community and find plenty of groups to socialize and practice activities. 

As an Engineer, you could essentially get to work all across Germany. However, there are some places that are more interesting for you, as an Engineer specifically. Let’s take a look at some of the places where you’ll find some of the best tech jobs around.

Top tech hubs for software engineers 

For software engineers, some places will be of more interest than others. Berlin is on top of the list with many high-tech startups and giants like Facebook, Airbnb, and successful local companies like N26. 

Munich is known as the Silicon Valley of Europe and a great destination if you are into artificial intelligence, app development, and drones. Many major German companies are based in Munich – among them BMW and Allianz, as well as international companies such as Google and IBM. 

Hamburg is also emerging recently as a tech hotspot with offices of Google, Facebook, and Airbnb. The city is focused on digital transformation and working towards building a thriving tech environment. 

Salaries for software engineers in Germany  

The average salary for software engineers in Germany in 2020 was € 60,500. This number depends on the location, years of experience, company, and so on, but in all cases, makes for an excellent living in Germany.