5 Modern Tools for Recruiters Looking to Hire The Best Programmers

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Not so long ago, we were able to post a job vacancy and pray that you would get enough responses so that you could choose a strong candidate. We need to take a far more proactive role in our recruitment strategy today. The top candidates are being sourced by multiple companies and you need to be quick to have a chance of hiring them.

There are thousands of tools to help recruiters source talent, screen, and hire the best programmers. This may not work in our favor. With so many to choose from, where do you start? We have put together a list of 5 recruitment tools to help you find the perfect programmer, and fast.

  1. The Muse

The Muse is part of the SmartRecruiters platform. You can post jobs to your Muse profile in just one click but the main advantage is the ability to showcase your company. Muse is a great platform for attracting candidates. You can create a profile that shows your unique culture and enhanced with quality photos and videos. The Muse is full of amazing career insights for candidates. These passive candidates come to look for career information and are able to see original content for your company. If you are looking to bring more diversity to your company, The Muse is right for you, with a 65% female and 54% non-white audience.

  1. Glassdoor

Many will look at Glassdoor as a review site rather than a recruitment site, but it can do both, and well. Employees can use Glassdoor to leave reviews about a company. It might be a nerve-racking thought, but your employees will be able to attract candidates looking for new employment. At the same time, Glassdoor has its on job board where candidates can search for programming positions based on keywords or location.

  1. LinkedIn

The potential with LinkedIn is endless. Once you have your company profile you are able to begin screening and verifying candidates. LinkedIn is known for being the professional version of many other social media platforms, so it is a great way to network and build your online presence and receive referrals. With LinkedIn Recruiter, you can search for candidates as well as posting positions in the Sponsored Jobs section- giving your vacancy more attention on the homepage. LinkedIn is another great place for passive job seekers, with approximately 80% of the audience being passive.

  1. AmazingHiring

The platform name is ideal really. Candidates are able to create a profile with pulls their skills and experience from social media and professional platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, GitHub, and Stackoverflow. Information can include Programming languages, DevOps, Databases, and even experience with big data. The candidate’s profile will also have every contact method available, so you will be able to reach them faster than your competitors. You can create personalized email templates, email campaigns, and then track the effectiveness of your email campaigns. AmazingHire also helps you to keep your recruitment process more organized with features like vacancy folders and talent mapping.

  1. Unicorn.io

Unicorn is dedicated to matching tech talent with the right companies from mobile and desktop developers to QA engineers. You will also be able to find different levels of experience, so you can search for entry-level candidates to senior roles. Because of the help Unicorn provides candidates with relocation, you will have a much larger talent pool to choose from. You can even hire remote workers from anywhere in the world. Each Monday, you receive an email with all of the new candidates who meet your search requirements, helping you to stay ahead with new talent. Unicorn also has a thorough candidate screening process, ensuring that you have a selection of candidates that are qualified and have the proven skills to fulfil your needs.