How to Find a Tech Job When You’re a Little Light on Experience


No Experience – No Problem! Here Are 4 Easy Ways To Get A Tech Job 

We get it – tech is the future! And actually, pretty much the present as well. So no wonder you want to start your career (or maybe transition) to the tech industry. But how exactly is that possible when every job there is (yes, even the entry-level ones) states ‘previous experience’ in their list of requirements? 

Don’t worry – it’s not as impossible as it seems. Follow these 4 easy steps and you’ll land your first tech job in no time. (Assuming you’ve got the skills, of course.)

Enhance Your Skill Set 

No experience doesn’t mean a lack of skills – and skills are what all tech companies are looking for. The best thing about the internet – you can find an endless resource of free information and opportunities to learn, practice, and perfect your new skills. From blog posts to youtube videos to online courses – do your research, find the best and most useful resources, and follow through until you’re sure that you grasp all aspects of the job you want to land.  

Start Practising 

No matter how much you know, practice makes perfect! And you don’t have to be employed by a company to start working and gain valuable experience. There are plenty of freelancer websites and Facebook groups where you can offer your services. Small business owners rarely have the budget to hire a professional service and that’s a great opportunity to practice your skills in working on real projects for real customers. Offer your services for free or at a lower rate in exchange for a testimonial or for the right to use the project as a showcase in your portfolio. 

Show Off On Social 

After you’ve gained some experience, it’s time to show off your skills to the world. Use social media to build up an online presence which will be very useful once you get in front of the head-hunter for a tech company. 

Start with setting up your professional profile on LinkedIn – recruiters are already there so make your profile stand up. Do your best to showcase your best work – use screenshots, case studies, be as specific as possible. 

The second step is building your personal website – that’s where you share your customized portfolio. It doesn’t have to a complicated website – use a builder to set it up quickly and add your most valuable projects.  

Then, invest some time to get your resume right. Not having enough experience means you’ll have to get creative but it doesn’t mean you should be scared of the blank page. Add a section for your volunteer experience, highlight the projects you’ve done, list certificates you hold. 

Use a niche job board

Since niche job boards target a specific audience, recruiters can provide more detailed job descriptions. This will offer you a better idea of the skills, experience, and training they are looking for.

Having a more detailed job description allows you to tailor your application to highlight the qualities they mention. Using niche job boards like you will be narrowing down the search parameters to the right sector for you.

Finally, give yourself a high-five. You managed to achieve a lot by taking matters into your own hands. With all this knowledge, experience, and confidence you’ve gained, you’re finally ready to step up and get in front of the tech recruiters with a real chance to land the job you want.