Niche Job Boards – Quality over Quantity

Photo by bongkarn thanyakij from Pexels

Why use a niche job board over bigger sites like Indeed?

Although niche job boards may not be the biggest job boards out there, this is actually a good thing and could be beneficial for you.

Job boards like Indeed are competing with an overwhelming amount of jobs and those seeking to apply for those jobs. When using a niche job board like, you are able to reach a more segmented audience. This segmented audience lets you search for jobs by location, required skillset, or numerous other qualifications that are ideal for you.

Reaching quality job applicants is more useful than reaching a large number of job seekers. By using a niche job board, you are targeting a specific group of people who are near the job location, and who are IT professionals.

Beyond being able to find skilled applicants for specific positions, there are five other reasons why you should choose a niche job site.

  1. The market is understood on a sophisticated level

Using a niche job board means you will have access to a system that is accustomed to specific job titles, keywords, and even certification requirements. These niche boards are aware of hiring trends and will be able to help when you are looking to enter a specific market.

  1. You are provided with precise resumes

One of the problems with bigger job board sites, is that many of the received resumes do not actually meet the exact criteria for the job. This can be avoided by using niche job boards which are specifically designed for the group of people you are targeting.  You can use specific jargon, degrees and certifications, and even skill sets to set your job apart from the rest.

  1. Quality is more important than quantity

Job seekers are looking for job sites that can provide them quality jobs. By using a niche job board, you are offering this value to quality candidates who are looking specifically for the jobs you are offering.  Niche job boards allow for blog posts, career advice, and even continuing education courses that can help your candidates improve their own skillsets. By offering more than just a list of jobs, you are assisting job seekers advance in their careers.

  1. You will be unique

By using a niche job board, you are able to customize the site. You have control over the advertisements, the company culture you promote, and the job alerts you put out. You also have the ability to sponsor different content that can help increase your exposure on other sites, while offering quality information that is important for those in the industry to know.

  1. Personalized care

Using niche job board sites also comes with the advantage of being known. The staff will know who you are and actually pay attention to what you need. The ques for assistance will also be shorter, and there won’t be a chatbot on the other end.  With personalized care, you are getting the help you need to post the jobs you want to fill.

Times are changing, and the bigger job boards aren’t capable of giving the same results as smaller, niche ones are. By using a niche job board, you are minimizing the time you will need to sort through unqualified resumes, while obtaining the job seekers you actually want.