10 Computer Science Jobs to Look Out For in 2020

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For those who are excellent problem solvers and love to know the ins and outs of their computer, a career in computer science could be just for you. Computer science majors are great analytical thinkers who pay very close attention to detail. They are also able to communicate well with people who aren’t as tech-minded. If it’s software or hardware development you are interested in, you will need to be creative and keen on learning all of the latest technology developments.

These are some of the most common traits found in computer scientists. But what about the right job? Here are 10 of the most popular computer science jobs that will suit different skills and passions. To give you an idea of average annual salaries, we consulted the Bureau of Labor Statistics from 2018.

  1. Software Developer

Software developers are tasked with developing programs for a range of devices like computers and smartphones. They will work on the whole development process including testing and maintenance.

A software developer will need to be confident in a range of programming languages and have strong communication skills in order to gain insight from end-users. To be able to develop software, you must be extremely creative.

Average annual salary: $105,590

  1. Database Administrator

With so much data being collected, a database administrator will analyze and evaluate the data gathered. Another responsibility is to develop and enhance the resources used for data analysis.

The key characteristic of a database administrator is problem-solving skills to find, and correct issues within a database. They will also have to update systems as the user’s needs change.

Average annual salary: $90,070

  1. Computer Hardware Engineer

Engineers of computer hardware must design, create, test hardware that is used in computers and. This can include circuit boards, routers, and, memory devices.

They must be willing to learn and keep up with all of the most recent technologies so that they can incorporate them into their designs. They also need to be creative and have high levels of technical knowledge. A good computer hardware engineer will be determined to succeed, even when they have to continue testing the hardware.

Average annual salary: $114,600

  1. Computer Systems Analyst

After analyzing a company’s IT infrastructure, a computer systems analyst will recommend necessary improvements to hardware and software. This role often comes with the title business analyst or business systems analyst.

Systems Analysts need a good head for business as well as superior communication skills as they will need to convey the best business practices and convince managers to employ them. It is also important that they are eager to learn the latest systems and IT trends.

Average annual salary: $88,740

  1. Computer Network Architect

A computer network architect must create, deploy, and maintain data communication systems, local area networks, extranets, and intranets. They will also look into data sharing and communication for companies. Part of the job is also to assess current solutions and test new systems before they are released.

Problem-solving and analytical skills are required in order to assess computer networks.

Average annual salary: $109,020

  1. Web Developer

It’s hard to imagine a company that doesn’t have a website. A web developer will create the structure of a site and provide accessible pages for different browsers and interfaces. They will ensure that the site is set up for the greatest number of visits with SEO.

Aside from technical creativity, a web developer must have the communication skills to be able to discuss the needs of the user.

Average annual salary: $69,430

  1. Information Security Analyst

Cybersecurity is in great demand today and information security analysts are responsible for the creation and protection of information networks and websites. Apart from installing the proper security systems, they must also be prepared for potential problems.

The main traits of an information security analyst are problem-solving and investigative skills as they will need to investigate security breaches and repair the causes.

Average annual salary: $98,350

  1. Computer and Information Research Scientist

These computer scientists will examine and solve sophisticated computing problems for organizations as well as fields like science and medicine. They seek to discover new ways to use existing technology. Some even work on programs that control robots.

It is important for computer and information research scientists to be confident at writing algorithms and studying patterns in massive datasets.

Average annual salary: $118,370

  1. Computer and Information Systems Managers

On the one hand, computer and information systems managers need to evaluate software, hardware, and networks to decide which IT resources need to be developed or even bought. On the other hand, they are also responsible for hiring, training, and supervising staff.

For this, they will need both analytical skills and the ability to lead others.

Average annual salary: $142,530

  1. IT Project Manager

In a leadership role, project managers bring together the work of the entire team, including programmers, developers, and analysts. Their role will likely involve examining technical issues for their company or client and coming up for suitable solutions.

IT project managers need a wide range of skills, both technical and people skills. The must be able to solve problems based on extensive knowledge of IT. They will also need to be able to communicate with all of the team members and other managers or directors.

Average annual salary according to Payscale: $87,907

In Conclusion

Computer science has so much potential for those with the right skills and knowledge. The one thing that all jobs will have in common is the desire to continue learning in order to keep up with all of the latest technology and IT trends.