10 Metaverse Jobs That Are Gaining Popularity

Image by Reto Scheiwiller from Pixabay

The Metaverse has been a hot topic in the past year with the tech industry having many different views and opinions on the new space of the internet. However, no matter what you think about the Metaverse, you can’t deny that the concept itself is highly intriguing.

What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse has a different meaning depending on the context. In terms of futurism and science fiction, the Metaverse is essentially a hypothetical iteration of the internet where it acts as a singular, universal, and immersive virtual world that is used in virtual and augmented reality headsets. In a colloquial sense, the Metaverse consists of a network of 3D virtual worlds used for social connections. Others believe that it promises a more immersive, collaborative, and interactive internet than ever before.

No matter what you believe there is no denying that the Metaverse has definitely brought about change to technologies and the internet itself and with that change has come a demand for new jobs that revolve around the Metaverse.

Metaverse Research Scientist 

There has always been a need for AR and VR Research Scientists even more so now that the technology has become popular and they continuously look for ways to improve it. With the emergence of the Metaverse and the popularity it has slowly gained, Metaverse Research Scientists will be responsible for creating the foundations of Metaverse applications. Not only will they focus on building and developing digital models of real-world scenarios but they will also need to create actionable infrastructures in order to build Metaverse solutions.

Blockchain Engineer

While Blockchain Engineers are generally responsible for creating and implementing digital blockchains that are used in enterprise solutions, their role in the Metaverse will be to create and design blockchain solutions for users. They will be incredibly useful considering their main area of expertise is centered around technology consulting and data service firms.

NFT Strategist

People hired in this role will need to have a deep understanding of blockchain technology as well as jobs in the Metaverse domain. Their everyday responsibilities will be analysing industry trends to give actionable opportunities and insights. NFT Strategists will need to create plans from different NFT concepts, gamification, and tactical implementation.

 Metaverse Planner

Metaverse Planners are in charge of creating the growth infrastructure for different Metaverse businesses. They will create a strategic portfolio of opportunities that range from proof-of-concept all the way to development. They will need to be able to identify market opportunities, build business cases, roadmaps, and more.

Ecosystem Developer

Ecosystem Developers will be the liaison between partners and governments coordinating with the two to make sure that any existing functionalities will be able to be executed on a large platform. Their other responsibility is to get government investors to invest in infrastructure and create large communities for those participating in the Metaverse.

 Metaverse Software Engineer

Much of a Metaverse software engineer’s responsibilities are similar to that of a regular software engineer. Their main responsibility will be to research and write new software programs or computer operating systems. They have to evaluate their software and systems in order to ensure it is all working with the hardware, as well as analyze existing programs for development or modification.

Metaverse Safety Manager

Like everything in life, some bad people will find a way to exploit functions on the Metaverse for their own personal use. The responsibility of the Metaverse Safety Manager will be to predict how Metaverse functions could be used or misused as well as identify safety-critical components, steps or systems associated with their predictions.

 Metaverse Cybersecurity Officer

The experts hired for this role will be responsible for blocking any incoming cyber-attacks in real-time as well as checking that any laws and protocols are amended and reconsidered. They will have the ability to reinvent apps or platforms that detect risks involved with the Metaverse.

 Metaverse Data Scientist

With data being an integral part of the Metaverse, it’s no wonder that a Metaverse data scientist will be needed to compile and analyze any data that is received.

Metaverse Cloud Expert

Cloud technology as a whole has skyrocketed during the pandemic, mostly due to everyone being at home and therefore more data needing to be stored. The Metaverse Cloud expert will need to make sure all data stored in the Metaverse is secure and can only be accessed by authorized personnel.