Cloud Big Data Technologies

Image by Mediamodifier from Pixabay

One of the most exciting trends in recent years is the marriage of the cloud and Big Data. Let’s start by defining some terms before we explore this in detail.

The three parts of Big Data

  • Big Data Technologies (cloud computing, business intelligence, etc.)
  • Data analysis techniques (natural language processing, machine learning, etc.)
  • Charts, graphs, and other visualization methods

A marriage made in heaven?

Data is an essential component of cloud computing and the very core of Big Data Technologies. In a continually evolving digital age, it only makes sense that the two would join together to create Cloud Big Data Technologies.

What makes Big Data important?

It’s relatively simple – in a world driven by information technology, gathering, collating, and analyzing data trends is where power lies. The proper harnessing of data analytics allows business profit margins to soar and customer satisfaction to go even higher than ever before.

Constantly-generated new data and information is a day-to-day fact of our technological present and future, and Big Data is above the current and emerging pack when it comes to working with this data. Traditional methods are struggling to keep up with data demands of pattern and insight analysis, but Big Data is continuously evolving. It is fast and efficient, now working in near real-time as it squeezes value from every tiny bit of data that funnels into a company. It is a critical tool for a competitive edge!

Big Data also offers:

  • Cost-effective solutions: Cloud-based analytics and other Big Data Technologies identify efficient business methods and also store vast amounts of data off-site, saving time and money – which in business are often the same thing!
  • Quicker and more efficient decisions: Offering immediate data analysis saves any delays between the gathering of information and putting it to use.
  • Innovation: The ability to properly sort and utilize relevant customer data means it’s much easier to give clients what they want when they want it.

Meeting in the middle: Cloud Business Solutions and Big Data

Nowadays, data-handling methods are like gold in the industry. In the cloud, Big Data and analytics cross paths frequently, and it is at this exact crossroad that we must focus on trends. Currently, the most significant patterns are in mass data generated, stored, and streamed in the cloud, and how these are accessed, analyzed, and processed.

There is too much data generated each day for even the most prominent companies to store information offline in their servers efficiently. Cloud Business Solutions meet with Big Data to solve this problem, allowing cloud-based storage and saving time and money. It is a growing storage trend popular with many Fortune 500 companies!

Future-facing and harnessing potential.

There are countless possibilities for the convergence of Big Data and Cloud Technologies. Just the tip of the iceberg includes:

  • Productivity Driving: The speed of data insights and processes continues to increase, freeing up both human and computer time and space for other sections of the business.
  • Driving Innovation: Freed-up time and an influx of organized information creates an environment which encourages and rewards innovation.
  • Analysis: real-time and predictive: As technologies progress, so do speeds and pattern recognition, and the convergence is only going to make it quicker and more efficiently used.
  • Speed of data processing: Already, large chunks of data can process in just minutes. As technology advances, this will speed up even more.
  • Cost-efficiency: Cloud-based data handling means minimum physical investment (no servers) with maximum output.
  • Small business promotion: As time passes, these technologies are no longer limited only to large companies, but become more and more affordable and accessible.

Summary: a critical tool

Harnessing and adequately utilizing data is vital to any successful business as time and technology progress, more than perhaps any other in this day and age. Big Data is not only a tool but a part of the tapestry that makes up the modern business environment. Analysis, remote storage, and implementation mean that adequately understanding and using both Cloud and Big Data technologies is vital to you and your company’s success.