The Best SaaS Trends in 2020

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Markets, industries, regions, and businesses will increase their use of SaaS. It has been estimated that over 74 percent of businesses will work entirely on SaaS by the end of the newest decade. This comes from multiple reports that reveal that those businesses that already use this type of technology have improvements in multiple fields.

SaaS is present in the technology world for quite some time now. The question is, what the newest model brings to current businesses that the previous did not? Well, the answer is simple. Use-cases that are part of it together with its potential have changed.

The most significant changes and the most popular changes that will stick for a while are:

Personalization – The reports showed that personalization is one of the most important things that businesses benefit from. Personalization grows the customer base. For example, shoppers that prefer online shopping go back to pages that offer visual and personalized customer experience. The engagement is higher and relatively starts before purchasing when social media and content, in general, are correctly delivered. Reports also proved that modifying customer experience is relatively essential when it comes to marketing processes. CX, for example, is an excellent one and works on a modified basis. The second, Al-Powered SaaS improves businesses to make a better data-set through two main features. The first one organizes and gains large quantities of information while the second one makes the gained information correct.

Customer Retention – the second one means retaining those that are already connected with you. The second step represents a cost-effective long-term strategy, and that brings the required rapport and brand. Besides that, it grows your business, and according to findings retaining one customer is one-fifth of the total money you are going to spend on a new one.  Existing customers know you, know what to expect, and always come back for more due to the service and attention they get. Plus, they are advocates for your business and promote you like nothing else.

End-to-end solutions – software dedicated to one particular industry is the third thing promising in 2020. A single SaaS model will be made to bring end-to-end functionality and supports for customers in that particular field. This is different from solving one business need only. To be more precise, this difference represents the difference between two used models – horizontal and vertical SaaS. To simplify, the Horizontal one is used and is present on the market for quite some time now only for one specific business need. That is not the case with 2020, so, according to findings, the Vertical delivery model will take over the next 12 months. This is happening because more and more businesses give money to solutions that are made specifically for that particular niche they are in.

Demand for Mobile compatibility – There is a reason why this SaaS trend is last. Its demand is high, maybe the highest of them all, and even small businesses are adopting it. SaaS providers that will bring the best mobile user applications and experiences are the ones that will dominate the market and their spots of expertise. The main reason why this is happening is the use of mobile phones and their main feature – available after working hours and away from computers. Mobile devices are very adaptable. Every business that includes the mobile environment is more experienced and brings higher productivity levels. Also, much engagement is happening between the workforce. Surveys back up this theory by adding that at least one employee uses at least one application at work. According to those same surveys, many employees, approximately 90 percent, think that the right applications can increase their business’ process. Custom mobile applications bring increased productiveness and availability to employees. They can always turn on the application and perform their tasks regardless of the environment they are in.