The return of Software-as-a-service Conference SaaStock to Dublin


SaaStock is a gathering of SaaS leaders on a global scale in order to educate and support each other by building a community. It is the biggest B2B conference in Europe which hosts 3000 founders, executive teams and around 400 SaaS investors and this year it will take place between
October 14 – 16th. The activities that are carried out during the conference include learning, matchmaking, fundraising and partying, among others. Attendees come from all over the world.

This competition, which is open to SaaS startups, will take place later this year in Dublin as part of SaaStock. More than 100 participate in this competition with the winner walking away with $ 25,000, free licenses and support from SaaStock’s partners. SaaStock partners are Zendesk and Frontline.

In investments that offer a product which is subscription based, the annual recurring revenues (AAR) is less than $ 1 million.

Alex Theuma, the chief executive and co-founder of SaaStock, said that the competition serves a more significant role. This is besides the fact that it brings a lot of publicity for startups and puts startups before 400 investors in attendance.

Most startup competition offers general advice on pitch and value proposition. Other than that, they don’t provide much support. Unlike these many competitions, this one comes with a lot of support that is tailored for startups ranging from education to hands-on advice and guidance.

Marketing strategies

At the conference, the number of speakers from SaaS focused companies like Slack, Salesforce, Intercom, and MongoDB are more than 100. Throughout the conference, selected startups pitch and receive real-time feedback from a judging panel. This feedback helps them to refine their marketing strategies. After all the startups have pitched, 6 finalists are selected to make their presentation on the main stage at the end of the Seacock.

The organizers run accelerator programs, including Saas.City, Investock (an investor-only event) and a one-day boot camp for startups all across Dublin before the event. Saas. City is a 1-day accelerator program that targets SaaS businesses. These accelerator programs zoom in on the most critical topics for SaaS companies such as sales, international scaling, growth marketing, and customer success. These programs enable the participants to improve their pitches and increase their chances of succeeding. It gets them ready for the main event.

With all these in mind, the return of SaaStock is an occurrence that is more than welcome.