The UI Design Trends for 2020

Image by Monoar Rahman Rony from Pixabay

Interface design trends were active in 2019 because of their dynamic and interesting nature. According to IT techs, it is believed that these trends are going to remain active in 2020 as well.

Mobile applications that are designed by UI mostly depend on users. So, not only the appearance but also the functionality is important here. Some trends are popular, thus they would be seen somewhere in 2020 and of course, some trends are not popular that unfortunately won’t appear in 2020.

Brightness together with transparency and contrasting fonts were dominating in 2019. It is believed that these trends will also appear in 2020 but with additional web development trends. So, how would the future of mobile applications design look like?

Overlapping effect – The overlapping effect is going to be one of the best logo design trends in 2020. The application of this technique brings a lot of advantages. For example, the interface is catchier and more interesting because of it and also there is a space that enlarges the comfort of using one or another application.

Transparency – Different appearance can be achieved if you decide to change the transparency settings. This means that customers or creators need transparency in the design of interfaces.

Functional Animations – Animation is the main graphic design trend when it comes to mobile applications. Not only animation gives users better visuals but it also makes them closer to reality. According to Dan Saffer, industry experts, the animation will remain high in demand and it is good but a lot of interactive elements will be implemented to the interfaces.

Simplicity – Applications that are simple and comfortable are always more popular than those that are not. So, natural styles, shapes, and curves make applications function better thus they do not overload the perception.

The contrast of fonts – Creating a hierarchy of text elements has never been easier. You just have to do it simultaneously. If you simultaneously use fronts of dissimilar colors or sizes you will also rightly organize the mobile application.

No frame – The frameless trend took over last year and designers suggested that this was going to be the end of the frame. This happened due to frameless smartphones. They indeed made designers adapt to new trends and that is not bad at all. These phones bring uniqueness and their factors impact the content. Sharp edges are not used anymore due to the round edges of the newest mobile gadgets. This trend can also be seen in web design processes.

No low key- colors – Brightness of color combinations is the newest trend that experts use to surprise their clients. Their idea is accepted and the gradient color effects are agreeable to anyone. Leaving out classical tendencies in the past is one of the best decisions because the products look far more attractive than before.

Looking Backwards – Retro tones and elements are still valuable. Retro vibes remind people of something familiar and pleasant. Also, when you mix classic with new the final product is creative and more desirous.

Uncommon Typography – Another important key element in the UI design industry is the font. The font requires special attention because after all, it represents the space between the text and the image in the design. The font should always be aesthetical and functional. The overall picture can be perfect only if the headings and the description are flawless.

Minimal Design – Minimal designs can be seen in web design, graphic industries and also logo design. Therefore they represent a trend that does not fade. If you take a look at Facebook or Instagram you will notice great minimalism. This is not unusual at all because they want functionality before everything else. If one application has simplicity, convenience or functionality then there is no need for additional useless elements.

Quantity and proportions – There are tons of design techniques that are used to highlight flat contrast elements. These techniques prove that these elements can be beautiful and unusual.

Implementation of Trendy Colors – Each year, The Pantone Institute notifies the public about the color that will be the trendiest. Despite that, the trendiest color due to its influence remains popular for quite some time. Yes, the colors can be safely used but designers should be careful. The user’s vision can easily become bored thus the trendiest colors should be implemented as organically as possible.

Marked Pictures – A lot of techniques that bring corporate style to your company will be legitimized and appropriate. Merging the interface with already known photos made on photo-shoots will be allowed.

Merging multiple trends – 2020 is going to be a year in which a lot of trends will merge. Few designers already work on this and the results are gaining a lot of popularity so far. Abundant knowledge and practical tools are a must for every designer.