Can Computer Vision Improve Your Business?

Image by Chau Nguyen from Pixabay

Computer Vision or CV is not something sci-fi lovers invented. It is a real term, and it can be found in industrial applications, navigations, medical analysis, and facial recognition algorithms. The CV is present in our lives for quite some time now, and it is time to untangle the advantages of it.

Not only has it given the same experience to those who are visually impaired, but it has also given business improvement. The computer vision is programmed to spot the outside world in the same way as people do. Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, of course.

To simplify, computer vision works as a foundation of robots, smart cameras, pedestrian detection, fingerprint recognition, virtual reality, and many more. Currently, its worth is estimated to be 500 million dollars.

The cameras require programming that will allow them to sort out the visual world as we do. For now, four main methods can help.

  • Blob noticing – or spotting the image and settle different regions in it. To do it, it searches for spots with different colors and brightness – different from the surroundings. This is usually used for matching images. Google and its image retrieval is the perfect example of this.
  • Template matching – Looking for pieces of an image that is equivalent to the given template. That is used in facial recognition software.
  • Edge Noticing – AR and VR use this one. It finds areas in an image where the brightness becomes different. The line parts that are visible after these areas get organized are known as edges.
  • Scape space – it is used for analyzing handwritten documents. It sorts out the structures of the image. There are times where data cannot be found. In this case, the image is converted to its essential elements.

The CV is highly needed in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. The vision helps them determine which objects can improve and which should be left aside.

How can they help your business?

  • A CV can develop amazing AR or VR applications. Those applications have the potential to be highly used in the future by retail and medical business.
  • A CV can reduce the costs –with it, the wrong products will be easily detected and removed. The number of workers in the quality department will lower because everything will be fine from the beginning. Also, know you will stop training new staff because we all know that machines and cameras only learn once.
  • A CV can bring accuracy and reliability – the products can work without breaks and cannot miss anything.
  • A CV can increase your productivity – after all, it can simplify the production process, thus improve and bring more products.

Do a little analysis before implementing it. For example, ask yourself how this innovation can help you and how it can improve the customer’s experience. Next, ask yourself do you need and do your competitors use it. Check the advantages and weaknesses of these solutions. It is crucial to make a careful strategy.

Which companies benefit from it?

  • Royal Mail, United Kingdom – They implemented it a few years go and spend many pounds on it. Did they make the right choice? Yes, they did. Now, the process is more straightforward, and the delivery is fast. The Automated facility scans the envelopes and shifts the addresses into machine-readable code.
  • Snapchat – Teenager’s favorite application is based on CV. Not only masks and stickers are augmented reality features, but there is also a Shoppable AR Lens feature from which advertisers bring real-life experience to their customers.
  • Pinterest – Searching on Pinterest has never been more accessible thanks to CV! Download the application, turn it on, point the camera at any object, and boom you have thousands of pictures similar to that one!
  • Evolution is not stopping here. Use it, use the current trends to stay afloat and succeed. A CV is abundant in advantages and opportunities. It may be an expensive addition, but it is worth it.