The Latest And The Best Technology Trends That Are Impacting Web Development

Image by Fabrizio Van Marciano from Pixabay

It is amazing to look back at even just the last 10 years and marvel at the changes IT has made on our lives. Nowadays, when you consider IoT, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, you can see how new technologies are being used to make our lives much easier. If you are looking for the optimal method to target your audience, this is definitely going to be the way. While developing your strategy, you need to include a technology-based platform.

Ecommerce is certainly one area that has witnessed its fair share of trends that are still popular today. The ability to review a product from 360 degrees is one Ecommerce trend; others include advanced filtering and product searching, and animation that draw your attention.

Websites are constantly being improved both in design and technology. This leads to a great number of modifications in the world of web development. Companies, both established and startups are making the most of new technology to take their business to the next level. On top of this, new websites that are added are fresh, innovative, and include many of the top trends. If you are looking to revolutionize your eCommerce site, it is important that you jump on board the ‘technology trend train‘. Here are some things you can implement in order to stay ahead of the game.

  1. AI and Chatbots

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest IT trends over the last couple of years, chatbots are more and more frequently being integrated into websites. Based on A.I. chatbots are able to automatically communicate with humans, providing 24-hour customer care, 7 days a week. Some advanced chatbots and virtual assistant examples include Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa.

  1. AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

This is a critical moment in which a site visitor decides whether to stay or go. We are becoming used to everything being within our reach in an instant. If a page takes too long to load, a potential customer leaves. Thanks to Google, we can now appreciate AMP. AMP has improved all-round browsing from mobile devices, loading, and searching can be up to 10 times faster. If you need to boost your site’s visibility, this is a key feature for you.

  1. Progressive Web App

Progressive Web Apps are websites that have the same appearance and use as a real app. This allows the user to have the experience of an app through a website, without the need to download anything. Considering 68% of Internet traffic comes from smart devices, progressive web apps mean a user can access all of the necessary information but they are-t using their data connection. By keeping up with this trend, you will be able to offer an app-like feel just like the majority of companies today.

  1. Blockchain

Blockchain has held a strong position in the top 10 technology trends and is set to remain this way throughout 2020. In 2020, maximum firms will have implemented blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency, a crucial tool using blockchain, will become more significant in 2020. We will see it split into various currencies in the market, assisting maximum people to carry out global transactions.

  1. Single Page Application

This is a favourite feature for an individual experience with your website. With single page application, there are no page reloads and in turn, no time waiting while you care to view multiple websites without viewing them in additional browsers. If you look at Gmail, Facebook, Google Maps are clear examples of single-page applications.

  1. Push Notification

This particular feature is popular for those wishing to improve their customer interaction. Push notifications enable you to send app–like notifications regarding news, product updates, special offers, and company information to customers.

  1. Motion UI

This is all about a clean design combined with flush animation that appeals to visitors and users. Nowadays, users prefer sites that are intuitive and but at the same time straightforward to use. With motion UI, you can animate screens, backgrounds, hovers, font styles, and amazing headers, all with a unique feel to make your site stand out from others.

  1. Internet of Things

IoT is an intensive network of things and devices that are connected and exchange data. You may well have more than one appliance that uses IoT from homes to vehicles, sensors, and security. A smart home is one of the best examples of IoT in use today and as a trend, it is only going to get bigger in 2020. An IHS study predicted that in 2020, there would be 75 billion Internet of things devices.

  1. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity involves protecting systems, networks, and data from online criminals, hackers, and malware. Cyber attacks are carried out in order to gain or destroy personal information, steal identities and extort money. It is essential to install and maintain the highest level of cybersecurity.

In Conclusion

Our list of the 10 trends presents some of the key ways you can carry your website into 2020. Online business owners should invest time and money into some or all of the trends in order to maximise the potential of their site and ensure they are maintaining a competitive edge.