Recruiting Women from Generation Z for Tech Positions

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Over 12,000 women developers were investigating and found out a lot of insights about the women who belong in Generation Z. Generation Z (those born in 1997 and forwarding) are the people who have good experience with technology and have the potential to become one of the best developers in the 21st century. But due to their age, they are picky and require special attention during recruitment. It is also really hard to attract them among everything else.

Current women developers shared the report they gathered from their investigation and these are the following takeaways on how to charm the next generation:

Gen Z women are digital natives and the sooner you understand this, the better. Every technique used on Gen X, Baby Boomers or Millennials won’t work here because they are in fact, digital natives. They are born into the age of the internet and many of them had phones with internet connection before the age of 10. They are using social media for a long time so it will be good if they see the job posting on Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. Different texting platforms, chatbots, and creative recruitment can also help you.

You as an employer and your brand come in second place. Women from Generation Z want to work for someone really popular and most importantly present on social media. Digital presence means a lot to them so if you are a small company without any social media you stand no chance. They are not interested in your company’s mission, perks or job description. Generation Z wants to know what it is like to work in your company. They want to experience and most importantly they want to know the path that their new role will bring.

Job interviews about Generation Z can be a big turnoff. This is happening because they do not know what to expect and because they are not ready for it. To attract them, please note in your job posting what you will require from them, what the conversation will be about and do not forget to tell them about the challenges and assessments. Remember to prepare your whole team about the interview because you should all deliver the same message.

Generation Z women want interesting challenges thus they require interesting problems. If the problems appeal to them they will solve them in a short matter of time and this is why should discuss the problems with them before hiring. Tell them what to expect, elaborate on the challenges and focus on their impact.

Remote work is also appealing to them so offering this option will bring you more advantages than disadvantages. It has been proven that Generation Z is more productive in a remote environment, unlike other generations.