The Massive Impact Of The Internet Of Things On The Education Industry

Image by Steve Riot from Pixabay

We are used to hearing about how the digital revolution has helped our daily lives, making everything from banking to shopping much simpler. At the same time, we are constantly made aware of the potential risks and dangers, hackers, viruses and so forth. But rarely do we learn of the impact the IoT (Internet of Things) has on education. Considering the importance of education in all of our lives, we thought we would dig a little deeper into this area.

Education is crucial, not just for adults but probably more so for children. The IoT has made learning more enjoyable and easier. Today, all of our devices and appliances can be connected and controlled via the Internet. Education is no different. Educational providers always want to be seen as welcoming new technologies and the positive effects they have on learning outcomes.

By implementing IoT in educational institutes, classrooms are now equipped with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Smartboards enable interaction and easy access to secure learning platforms and digital books. A popular field within the education industry now is e-learning.

What is causing the increase of IoT in the Education Industry?

  • Cloud services are easily available and cost-friendly
  • Unlimited storage helps with analyzing and accessing large amounts of data
  • It’s quick to develop highly customized educational apps

And it’s not just about making learning more fun and easier for children. IoT helps stakeholders, teachers, professors, management, and parents. Classroom management is easier and it also increases the interaction and communication between all those using smart devices.

As a student, you can:

  • Set up an account and search for courses
  • Add courses to your wishlist
  • Pay online
  • Access your course page, review the course content and begin learning
  • Contact your instructor whenever you need

As an educator, you can:

  • Develop your courses from the instructor panel
  • Admin can approve courses waiting to go on sale
  • Students access courses and make payments, which are deposited to site admin
  • Admin then pays commission to the instructor

As an administrator, you can:

  • Install academy Ims in your own server
  • Establish a portal with the settings
  • Build courses to sell
  • No approval or commission needed
  • Instructors can sell courses via your site

What are the Advantages of Using IoT in the Education Industry?

The IoT is a really smart way to gather information from the education industry; this information can then be used to make education more effective and engaging for children.

Here are some of the headways IoT has made:

Personalized Learning- The system of recording student’s progression and results is more personalized. Not only this, but educators are able to see individual strengths, weaknesses, and interests. In higher education, this provides more opportunities for students to complete their education.

Smart Automated Tracking- It’s no longer necessary for a student to be sat in the classroom (depending on the age). Students can carry out their studies in the location of their choice as long as they are signed in to the applications automated tracking system.

AI-Powered- With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, researches can connect databases and analyze the data that is collected. This provides great insight into what is working and as a result, research is developed even further.

Smartboards and The Next Generation Textbook- One thing is looking at an image of photosynthesis, another thing is being able to watch videos of the actual process. IoT smart boards enrich the students learning.

Special Education Needs- Not every student is ready to learn at a set pace. IoT offers more freedom by removing the pressure of time. This reduces the tension in the classroom. Students with visual or hearing difficulties now have more opportunities to learn with speech to text conversion, AR, and VR.

These are just some of the benefits IoT can bring, the possibilities have no limits.

Things To Consider when Introducing IoT

Three things that must be considered are education policies, integrity, and security. The introduction of IoT can be aided by e-learning applications or IoT devices.

In Summary

It’s an exciting time for the education industry with many positive changes. The potential in the future is unlimited, raising the levels of education for both adults and children.