Things Have Drastically Changed for Programming Languages: Python Becomes Second Most Popular Language after JavaScript

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Statistics show that Python is making drastic changes in the programming world. According to “State of the Octoverse”, an annual report by GitHub, Phyton is now the second- most popular programming language. Phyton knocked out Java from the second place while JavaScript remains on the top, at least for now.

Unfortunately, the report also states that Python is not the fastest-growing language. The top for the fastest growing language is held by Dart with 532 percent. GitHub says that Dart holds the top in this category due to the increased use of Flutter. For those who do not know, Flutter is a framework that allows cross-platform development. With 297 points less than Flutter, on the second place of growth comes Rust while Python takes third place with 151 percent.

GitHub on the other is a big deal in the programming world and the number of accounts there is increasing by the second. It has been estimated that 2019 will end with 10 million more accounts. It has also been published that the newcomers come from Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa, North America, and South America. Statistics say that Asia is currently on the top of the list.

The top open source projects are available to the public as well and Visual Studio Code, the project sponsored by Microsoft is in the first place while at second place comes Azure documentation, another Microsoft project. A lot of people outside the technology world do not know this fact but GitHub is owned by Microsoft. To put it differently, Microsoft uses GitHub for its projects. Flutter, TensorFlow, React Native and Kubernetes are among the names appearing in the report.

On the positive side, we have Flutter, the newcomer that took over and ended up in the top three while on the negative side we have Angular that went straight down and out of the list.

Lately, the interest in learning data and machines is increasing and it is believed that this is the main reason why Python is now so popular. GitHub also says that Jupyter Notebooks, mainly used for data visualization, machine learning and statistics, multiplied its use by two.

Further GitHub did not leave out the dependencies either. Statistics show that the most successful 50 Maven packages that are used by Java applications have approximately 167,000 projects, all of which rely on them. RubyGems gives us an even bigger number, around 737,000 projects that rely on them as well. All of these packages pose a risk to the industry and also prompt that a security problem could be fatal for other projects. Take in mind that projects like Express or Lodash are depended on by millions of repositories.

Open-source contributions by organizations are the only thing that GitHub failed to give us. A big change if you take into consideration last year’s report. Maybe this is happening because Microsoft took over last year and forced the companies to withdraw their contributions.