Average European Salaries For Node JS Developers

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JavaScript was first released in 1995. Since then it’s presence as a programming language has been noticed everywhere. It has the power to run all web browsers on any device and any operating system. Despite its popularity around the globe, it is favorably with client-side scripting. Many JavaScript developers feel that there is an insufficient vigorous implementation of server-side scripting. Things began to change when Node.js was released. As the server-side had been seriously improved, now the demand for Node JS developers is stronger than ever.

Why are their Salaries Changing?

JavaScript was a client-side language. Ryan Dahl used C, C++, and JavaScript to create Node.js, which is a server-side. Node.js is able to access the server’s components such as the processor and the memory, something JavaScript couldn’t do. Once Node.js had removed such restrictions, it allowed for full-stack development.

The appealed to developers and it eliminated the barrier between the front end and back end, with full-stack development much faster and more convenient. Node.js is frequently used with MEAN stack and other JS-based technologies.

 Node.js Frameworks

There are a number of frameworks, many to make back end development faster and simpler. Here are some of the Node.js popular frameworks:

  • Express.js
  • Hapi.js
  • Total.js
  • Koa
  • DerbyJS
  • Sails.js
  • KeystoneJS
  • Meteor

Average Node JS Salaries

We took the statistics from PayScale to provide an estimate of the salaries in various countries. These figures are average salaries of Node JS developers with one to four years of experience and exclude taxes. There are a lot of factors that can affect a salary so please bear in mind that they are only estimates and averages.

  • Switzerland- $94,515
  • US- $74,081
  • Germany- $51,551
  • Netherlands- $47,288
  • UK- $43,141
  • Austria- $41,573
  • Belgium- $41,001
  • France- $37,607
  • Ireland- $35,955
  • Ukraine- $24,000

However, if we want to see the bigger picture, we need to include the average salaries of Node JS developers with different levels of experience. For this, we will focus on Europe and the US.

Node JS Salaries in Europe and the US

Europe has a great number of countries and cities and the income will depend very much on each location. In the UK, senior Node JS developers are highly south after. An average monthly salary for a senior developer in the UK can be as high as $7,700. Junior developers may have a starting net salary of approximately $3,800 per month. Berlin and Dublin also offer higher salaries.

In the US, San Francisco has the highest monthly salaries by far. A Node JS Developer here could earn an average monthly salary of almost $10,000. New York, Boston, and Seattle have similar salaries, close to $8,000 per month. Chicago has one of the lowest average monthly salaries at below $7,000.

Node JS Salaries in the US and Canada

Irrespective of the city, the US has higher average monthly salaries for Node JS developers that any city in Canada. In fact, Canadian developers earn similar salaries to developers in the UK with the highest salaries in Montreal, QC.

Different Node JS Technologies

As well as experience, the Node specialty will play its part on average incomes. Looking back at Montréal, QC, Node JS developers are paid more than other technologies. In London, the highest-paid specialty is Meteor.js. If you look at Europe as a whole, you will still find the city of Kyiv more profitable.  An Angular.js developer in the US has an average annual income of $111,150; this drops significantly for meteor.js average salaries at $61,026.