Computing Cyber Security Live 2019

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

There is no better time than no to wise up on cyber security. Online security is now a top priority for many companies. Computing Cyber Security Live is the perfect event to listen to expert speakers, learn practical tips, and to network.

Not so long ago, for a breach in online security, it was a simple case of cracking somebody’s password. Today we are witness to machine-learning, ransomware, and industrialized hacking. As our digital technology develops, so do our hackers. By attending Cyber Security Live is an opportunity to learn how to develop the strategies and implement the tools to prevent a new generation of cyber attacks.

The major problem most of us face nowadays is that we are unaware of not only the type of threat but also where the threat lies. It’s necessary to know just what the attacker wants in order to develop a system that will defend it.

Do you think you have what it takes to beat the machine? Do you rely too much on automated detection and mitigation systems? AI and automation are certainly fantastic ways to increase your cybersecurity but what happens when errors are made. Regardless of whether it’s human or bot error, one mistake can lead your system wide open to threats.

Worse than that, the threat may already be lying dormant in your system, waiting for the right time to cause the maximum amount of havoc. These ticking time bombs can be just one single attack or prepared for multiple attacks, causing your business irreparable damage.

This is why the organisers from Computing have prepared a one-day event to cover new attacks and new approaches. Here are the three key learning points:

  • To inform company heads and IT professionals of the dangers we face in the future
  • Assist in predicting the threats and how we can prepare for them
  • Implement cyber security systems of great quality yet affordable

There will be a chance to review mistakes that have been made. Listen to end-user case studies and panel debates on all of the key aspects of cyber security. This event will also be a great chance for you to learn how to make others in your business aware of cyber threats and teach them how to stay on top of new cyber security systems.

Who should attend Computing Security Live

Basically, anyone who has dealings with online security, this list can cover a huge range of roles and positions:

  • Chief Security Officers
  • CFOs/ Finance Directors
  • IT managers/Heads of IT/IT Directors
  • Head of IS
  • Infrastructure/ Network Managers
  • Infrastructure Architects
  • Business Analysts
  • Business Intelligence Professionals
  • Information Managers
  • Information Analysts
  • Futurists

There will be some extremely impressive names this year. You can look forward to hearing from guest speakers from a whole range of industries. The 2019 keynote speakers will be Ian Hill CISSP CISM and Holy Grace Williams. Ian is the global director of Cyber Security Royal BAM Group. Holly is the technical director of Secarma.

You will also be able to hear from university professors, data transfer experts, cyber security managers, and many, many more.

For just days to go, don’t hesitate in registering now for Thursday 21st November at the London Marriott Hotel.