The 2020 Premier Cyber Security Summit and Expo

Image by Gerhard Bögner from Pixabay

CPX 360 2020

The 2020 Premier Cyber Security Summit and Expo is being celebrated in Vienna. This event is crucial for those who need to remain up-to-date about global digital threats. You will have the opportunities to learn about the latest security solutions as well as some all-important networking.

The CPX 360 2020 will be attended by guest speakers from around the world. They are waiting to share their expertise, core insights, and show you some of the best strategies that will keep your business safe online.

Why Should You Attend CPX 360 2020

Thanks to Check Point, you will be able to take part in interactive technical breakout sessions, attend master classes on a range of cybersecurity topics and generally learn how to fight the rapidly increasing and developing cybercrime.

Not only will you be able to learn from the sessions, but you will also be able to consult with experts who can tackle your individual cybersecurity needs.

What Can You Take Part in at CPX 360 2020

Aside from the Cyber Talk Keynotes that will go into the challenges, trends, and innovations, you will be able to gain insight about:

Cloud Security- how to avoid and prevent cyber threats with live demos, understand how blueprints for Saas can help your business, and public and private CloudBest Practices Workshops.

Best Practices Workshops- take notes of all the newest tips and tricks with live demos from Check Point.

Cyber Security Innovations- understand security innovations that can be put into place before a cyber threat causes your business damage.

Customer Community Use Cases- this is the ideal way to learn from first-hand experiences and what other organizations are doing to improve their cybersecurity.

Technology Innovation and Hands-on Labs– a chance to get your hands dirty by test-driving the latest technology from Check Point. Learn about Infinity threat prevention and security architecture.

Cyber Security Competition- 20 x 20 short cyber innovation stories.

Hackers Exposed– take a trip to the dark side and learn how hackers are creating new threats, more importantly, learn how to prevent them.

Gamification- let your hair down and have a go at the CTF game, have a go on the Cyber Range to shoot a few hackers, or go on the Checkmates Scavenger Hunt.

Expo- In the Startup Pavilion, you will be able to see IT solutions and demonstrations from Check Point and their partners.

Sponsors and Speakers at the CPX 360 2020

The Platinum sponsor is Tufin, while Gold sponsors are Arrow and Bacher Systems. Bronze sponsors include Guardicore and WTI, and finally, just some of the startup sponsors are Neural Legion, Dcoya, and Odi.

The Featured Speaker will be Clint Watts. He is a Senior Fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute and at the Centre for Cyber and Homeland Security at the George Washington University. His research has helped him to appear on NBS News and publish a book, as well as in The New York Times. Clint has served in the U.S Army and in the FBI. His knowledge extends from Social Media Hacking to Counterterrorism.

Tickets and the Agenda for CPX 360 2020

Check Point is now counting down the days for the start of the event. In order to view the full agenda for the 4th to the 6th of February, you can click this link. The same link will lead you to ticket prices for attendees and partners, plus how to register.