How an Expat Can Find Accommodation in Maastricht

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Maastricht is a city in the southeast of the Netherlands. It is both the capital and the largest city in the province of Limburg.

The Cost of Living

The overall prices for renting in Maastricht (and the Limburg province) are cheaper than many other areas in the Netherlands, particularly Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Utrecht.

The location of the property will have an impact on the rental price but this is standard for most cities. As expected, the city centre has some of the highest prices along with the South West. If you look at homes for rent in the South East, North East, and North West you will find cheaper options.

Another factor that influences prices is the type of property. A one-bedroomed flat in the city center may cost around 700€ per month. In the same area, a three-bedroom has may cost up to 1500€ per month.

Where to Begin?

Before starting the search for your new accommodation, bear in mind what amenities you will need nearby. You may need access to an international school or public transport. Is the location close to your work and is there an expat community close by?

It is probably more sensible to rent when you first move to Maastricht because buying property can take significantly longer. It is also advisable to find a property through a rental property service. It is usually safer and more efficient. Ensure the service provider is a member of the Dutch Association of Estate Agents, the Nederlandse Vereniging van Makelaars (NVM). There are also Dutch estate agents that are dedicated to finding the perfect home for expats.,‘Pro-housing’ is one example.

Online Assistance

If you prefer to find accommodation there are various sites that have different types of properties listed in different areas of Maastricht:

  • Pararius
  • Expatica
  • Kamernet

Sharing is Caring- Maastricht is a Facebook group that has tips and advice for renting as well as some names for reliable letting agents.

Housing in Maastricht

There are properties to suit the tastes of anyone looking for rented accommodation in Maastricht from luxury apartments to traditional houses. To one side of the river Meuse you will find older properties, whereas the other side has more modern housing. If you prefer the idea of modern housing, you might want to begin your search in the Wyck area.

Here is a little vocabulary guide to help you in your search:

Detached- Vrijstaand

Semi-detached- Twee onder een kap

Terraced/townhouse- Rijtjeshuis

Apartment- Appartement

Houseboat- Woonboot

One of the most common types of properties found in Maastricht is a terraced house. Typically, a terraced house will have two or three floors with a back garden and a front garden. There may be just three or four terraced houses in a row, or there could be a whole street of almost identical houses.

Our advice to any expat who is thinking of moving to Maastricht is to do some research. Before you start looking at properties online, do some research on the different areas of the city. Get more of an idea of where you want to live rather than just choosing a property you like the look of.