Child Benefits in the Netherlands


            Child benefits include money given to the parents or guardians to help take care of their children. The money should cover needs such as school fees, clothing, and food. Most governments in the world have seen it necessary to start helping families raise children. With this, one can move around peacefully as they have few worries in life. Some people have no jobs or the number of children they have is too overwhelming for them such that they need support in taking care of them. For others, it is a case of early pregnancies and they have to go back to school. If not careful these children could end up suffering as they have no one to take care of them.

            The government takes the initiative and provides for them up to when they are eighteen years.  Children below five years are given 201.05 euros, 6-11 years get 244 euros, 12-17 years get 287 euros per quarter. For one to get the children benefits you need to be living and registered in the Netherlands or in a country which has a social security agreement with the Netherlands. A person can also benefit if they are under the Dutch child benefit scheme. The money is sent directly to parents through the sociale verzekeringsbank which directly contacts parents living in the Netherlands and whose children were born there. One can also apply for the allowance using the Digid code. The reason for the direct contact is to make sure that the organization has clearly understood the case and who the beneficiaries are.

            The requirements for one to successfully register and get the benefits are; you should have one or more kids under the age of 18. Children have a lot of needs from medical attention, food which is mostly different from what the adults are eating, school fees and clothing. Meeting the needs of the children and your own can be quite overwhelming at times.

Requirements for the childcare benefit:

  • You are working, studying or taking an integration course.
  • You have signed a contract with a childcare center (kindercentrum) or childminder (gastouder).
  • You pay (part) of the childcare costs.
  • You have a valid residence or permit and your child is registered at your address.
  • You receive the children’s allowance (kinderbijslag) or you are partially responsible for your child.
  • Your child attends a daycare facility or if he/she has not yet started secondary education.

The individual should also not be able to meet a certain level of income since the fund is for helping the needy. For single parents, their income should not be above 113.415 euros. If you have a fiscal partner, the maximum combined capital should be below 143.415 euros. The benefits are distributed depending on the level of income so the higher the income the lesser the benefits you get. The child should also not have started secondary education and should be living within your registered address. These requirements are necessary as they help identify those who really deserve the benefits and turn away others. The government through the collected information gets the chance to follow up on the child and find out if the benefits are getting to them.