5 Reasons for Moving to Rotterdam


Rotterdam is fondly dubbed the “Gateway to Europe” and is one of the favored locations for expats moving to the Netherlands. As the second-largest city in the Netherlands, Rotterdam has a number of individual qualities to offer. Adding to its popularity is being home to the largest working port in Europe. Rotterdam is set on a riverside, it has a world-famous university and it is a lively city full of culture and heritage. Here are 5 reasons why Rotterdam attracts so many people!

1. It’s a city of progress

The Second World War resulted in large parts of the city being bombed. After the war, the city received a makeover with modern and unique buildings making for a beautiful skyline. These new constructions changed Rotterdam into a modern city, a title it still holds today. It is both lively and innovative.

The Euromast Observation Tower and the Erasmus Bridge are two of the most famous landmarks. You may also have seen pictures of the famous ‘cube homes’ that were designed by the architect Piet Blom and built in 1982.

The first indoor market in the Netherlands was opened in Rotterdam in 2014. It is a huge building at 120m wide and 40m high. The design and artwork inside the building have attracted more than just shoppers since its opening. The Horn of Plenty is a 3D piece of artwork that earned worldwide fame.

2. The nicknames

Knowing the local names of places will certainly help you familiarize yourself quicker. The “Swan Neck” is the nickname for the Erasmus Bridge. “Station Kapsalon” or Central Station is named after the popular Rotterdam snack made of kebab, chips and melted cheese, all served in a tinfoil box.

3. An International City

Since big names started to locate their head offices in Rotterdam, it has become much more international. Multinational companies like Proctor & Gamble and Unilever have helped convert the city into an international hub, appealing to international job seekers.

The Rotterdam Erasmus University has one of the highest-ranked business schools, making it popular for international students.

4. A Range Of Different Neighbourhoods

With all the diversity Rotterdam has to offer, there will be an area in the city to suit your needs and preferences.

For example, Ommoord and Zevenkamp are areas with high numbers of expat families. It is a lovely calm area with family-friendly parks and a relaxed atmosphere.

The Maritime Quarter has impressive views overlooking the Maas river. It\

]'[yujhkasd may feel rather exclusive with its luxury apartments and restaurants.

One of the newer areas in Rotterdam is Kop van Zuid, which is starting to attract expats and business professionals. For a more cultural, creative neighborhood++ you could look at Oude Westen, home to entrepreneurs and artists.

5. City Pride

From the levels of education to the stunning and modern architecture, Rotterdam residents take a lot of pride in their city. There are homes in neighborhoods that are perfect for individuals and families. It’s not all about the city; Rotterdam also has stunning countryside that’s worth to visit when its time to take a break from the bustling business life in the city.