Top 20 European Conferences for Startups in the Tech Industry in 2019


In Europe, the tech conferences for startups are a must-attend. Their awesomeness and relevance are over-the-top. Here is an overview of these conferences in 2019, be sure to be a part of them.

The best B2B and Saas Conferences

LTV Conference of May 9th to May 10th, 2019 in London

This conference brings together active investors, private companies, public companies and Saas entrepreneurs from all over the world in a quest to collaborate, make meaning meaningful connections and drive future growth.

SaaStr Europa of June 12th to 13th, 2019 in Paris

SaaStr has been in the US and is now expanding to Paris, Europe for SaaStr Europa. It is a great forum in which to meet peers in the SaaStr industry and for networking, leadership sessions and mentorship.

B2B ROCKS of September 12th in Paris

This is the best human-sized conference for B2B and SaaS startups. The exclusive speakers, each of whom is allotted 25 minutes, are European founders who give intensive hands-on advice. The event is deliberately limited to 500 founders to encourage the best networking opportunities and discussions that are high-value.

SaaStock of October 14th to 16th in Dublin

This event brings together more than 250 investors, over 140 speakers, SaaS founders and executives from all around Europe. It provides a wide range of exposure. With the many diverse people involved, the networking experience is one worth the while.

SaaS Monster of November 4th to 7th in Lisbon

It is a crossword for the most disruptive emerging technology companies worldwide. It features industry leaders in a broad spectrum including bid data, marketing, enterprise technology, security, customer service and clouds computing.

XaaS of November 18th to 19th in Berlin

This event is the only all-European business event. Large and medium-sized companies from all major IT industries come together. They present their case studies and discuss significant challenges, strategies, integration approaches and solutions that can be practically implemented in cloud services.

The biggest European tech conferences

The Nest Web Conference of May 9th to 10th in Amsterdam

The future of technology is uncertain, given its rapidly advancing nature. At this conference, the predictions and inventions of the future are made with topics ranging from artificial intelligence to block chains being handled.

VivaTech of May 16th to 18th in Paris

This event celebrates today’s innovations and tomorrows possibilities. the best speakers, exhibitions, open innovation and live experiences are shared and the power of technology to transform business and society is brought to life.

Web Summit of November 4th to 7th in Lisbon

This event gathers founders and CEOs from a wide range of companies, startups, policymakers and heads of state to determine the next step in the web industry.

The slush of December 3rd to 4th in Helsinki

This event digs into the real practices that make companies successful. The advice shared is hands-on and best suited for entrepreneurs.

Fast growing conferences in Europe

EU Startups Summit of May 2nd to 3rd in Barcelona

It brings together more than 1200 founders, startups and investors, providing an excellent opportunity for networking and building international tech companies.

Web Festival Europe of May 13th to 15th in Sofia

This event gathers the most innovative entities in business, policy and academia to improve the people’s wellbeing by boosting entrepreneurship, sharing knowledge and innovation.

Startup Grind Europe of June 6th in London

More than 3000 startups, investors and innovators come together to discuss the future of startups, venture capital, AI and fintech, among others.

NOAH Conference of June 13th to 14th in Berlin

It is a platform that connects the European leaders in a quest to empower the digital ecosystem.

HEUREKA conference of June 19th in Berlin

It is one of the founders’ conferences in German that has more than 4500 attendees.

Pirate Summit of June 26th to 28th in Cologne

This event celebrates entrepreneurship and startup culture by bringing together, connecting and growing the startup ecosystem in a curate, authentic and unique approach.

TOA Berlin of July 2nd to 5th in Berlin

It is the leading technology festival in Europe whose mission is to capacitate other people to future proof their businesses through technology.

Bits &Pretzels of September 29th to October 1st in Munich

It is an application-only, 3-day festival that brings together 5000 founders, startups, investors and policymakers for inspiration learning and match-making.

South Summit of October in Madrid

This event is the leading Innovation Global Platform that brings together innovators from Latin America and southern Europe and the most influential investors and corporations in the world for an engagement that centers around political, social, technological and financial stability.

TechCrunch Disrupt of November in Berlin

This event is for startups. Startups are given a chance to find the renowned Startup Battlefield competition, meet hundreds of startups and find virtual Hackathon among other activities.