The Cost of Living in Paris


When you are on the verge of living in Paris as an expat, you would want to know the cost of living there. Here we will provide a reliable guide.

Housing costs

The housing costs are similar to that of other major cities worldwide and are greatly dependent on the place you live and the number of bedrooms per house.

No of bedrooms Monthly costs in $
1 bedroom 1600
2 bedroom furnished 3400
2 bedroom unfurnished 2900
3 bedroom 4000

Social life and entertainment

The night life in Paris comes in variety and at varying prices; like every other big city. You can always find an activity that fits your budget to entertain yourself.

Activity Cost in $
A ticket to the movies 27
A cocktail at a club downtown 14
A beer at pub in the neighborhood 7.41
Dinner for two at a neighborhood pub 57
Cappuccino 4

Healthcare and medical costs

In France, one qualifies for medical coverage after living there for 3 months. Here are a few guidelines:

Medical bills are not charged before medical procedures are performed and they are paid directly by the government or the insurance provider

Preventive medical examinations are free

The number of preventive medical examination that one is eligible for is determined by age, gender and other risk factors

It is important to find a health insurance that will cover you during emergencies.

Sample medical concerns Prices in $
Cold medicine for a week 6.50
A box of antibiotics 8.50

Transportation costs

The public transport system and taxis are effective and reliable. They can be paid for monthly, weekly, daily or trip wise as indicated below.

Transport Price in $
One way local train ticket 2
Monthly train pass 93
2-mile ride via taxi 12

Costs of food and grocery

Many commodities are valued as those in other parts of the world. However, wine is comparatively cheaper.

Food Price in $
A gallon of milk 5
A loaf of bread 1
A dozen eggs 3
1 lb. of chicken 6.37
An apple 1.29
A head of lettuce 1
1 lb. of local cheese 9
A bottle of red wine 8
Imported beer 3

Before moving to Paris, carry out extensive research about the place. This will ease your anxiety and make it easier for you to plan yourself, have realistic expectations, put things into perspective and settle faster