Relocating to Amsterdam in 5 Easy Steps


Relocating to a new place is a big step that is always straightforward when you plan yourself, and Amsterdam is no exception. While moving, make sure you have a checklist. Check each time as you pack to ensure you have everything you need. There are essential must-have items and steps that, from statics, are prone to be forgotten. Regarding this, we have a list of 7 things and measures that will make relocating to Amsterdam an easy feat for you.

Permits and documents

Like every other place in the world, living in Amsterdam requires one to have official identity proof. The documents that come in handy for this include the birth certificate, marriage certificate, national identity card or passport and other related documents. In cases where your papers are written in a foreign language, you will be requested for legally translated ones. All your original documents should be officially authenticated.

Before you move, ensure that all your documents are officially authenticated. If you are a non-EU or a non-EEA citizen you will need three more documents which include: residence permit, visa and work permit. IN Amsterdam can help you together with your family in going through some of these procedures when you qualify as a highly skilled migrant.

Your pet

You can move with your pet to Amsterdam. The process that makes this possible takes 6 to 12 months so the early you start making preparations the better. Ready a passport for your pet and take it for vaccinations as per the Netherlands standard. An identity chip will be needed for ferrets, cats and dogs. It is wise to consult a pet specialist; especially you have to travel for a long distance. This will ensure you have a comfortable and safe journey for your pet.

Housing arrangements

Find the right house before you move in. Do a thorough background research regarding the many neighborhoods in Amsterdam. Find one with characteristics that meet your requirements both in terms of rent, physical attributes, location, size and suitability. In some instances, you can find a place you can temporarily stay as you look for a better place. Generally, however, Amsterdam is relatively compact. So you might want to have an open mind regarding a spacious neighborhood.

Learn Dutch

Amtserdammers speak Dutch. Learning a little Dutch will, therefore, make your settlement there easier and quick. Learn Dutch by attending local language classes, online or through apps. If you can’t learn Dutch, do not worry. They also speak English.

Search for local schools

If you have schooling children, you have to look for a school for them to study. Given your children may not know Dutch, you will have to look for international schools that will quickly assimilate them and reduce the stress they may have to go through as they adjust. Most of these international schools have an online presence from which you can contact them and make inquiries.

Moving to Amsterdam is an easy feat when you have all these taken care of.