Relocating Could be The Salvation From Burnout in the World Of Technology

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The salaries, the big amount of jobs and the chance to witness innovations in the world of technology are quite appealing for every human being. These are the reasons why careers in the technology sector are very popular. Plus let’s not forget that new roles are created all the time and the demand for talents is increasing as we speak.

Unfortunately, the technology world had the highest turnover rate of any industry in the past year. The promises and the opportunities are not enough because there are other problems which require attention and solutions.

The long hours and high pressure are the first major problem people in the tech world face. The rates of burnout here are so high that cannot even be compared to other industries. The social application Blind did a little research and revealed that three out of five tech workers are burnt out. Staying at work for more than 8 hours to meet deadlines and complete projects is not the only issue they are facing. Poor leadership, high workloads, and toxic cultures make the situation worse. Sadly, the burnout hasn’t got a solution.

The location is the second major problem IT specialists face. The constant environment and setting thus the same scenery brings additional stress. Change of that scenery, on the other hand, can be quite useful. Relocating for work can reduce stress and can lower the burnout. Big cities are not recommended at all. Amsterdam’s Arkin Institute for Mental Health did a survey and revealed that urban locations bring more anxiety and mood disorders. To ease the burnout they recommend a location that is quiet and abundant in green spaces. The University of Michigan says that 20 minutes a day spent in nature can lower stress hormones like nothing else.

Fortunately, digital innovation lately has moved out of urban cities. The digital transformation has shifted across different quieter countries and people have options like never before. 61 percent of the tech workers in a recent study said that they are open to moving/ relocating to other cities or countries.

The United Kingdom, for example, has over 2 million people that work in the tech sector. A huge amount of these people face burnout thus are not productive enough. A lot of analysis revealed that the options given to people work after all. The tech industry is now present in Oxford, Cambridge, Reading, Belfast and New Castle not in London. These cities currently have the biggest job growth in history.

It is fortunate that this is not happening only in the UK. It is happening all around the globe. Countries all over the world seek tech professionals thus offer change of scenery. The Netherlands, Denmark and New Zealand are some available options.

The last but not least issue is the work-life balance. Restoring your work-life balance can save you from relocating and moving. You can significantly decrease your stress levels if you simply work from home for a couple of days or go to work form a spot that is the contrary of your office.

Remote and flexible working is something all businesses should consider. Tech specialists deserve to option to change and leave the office. Let’s not forget that a lot of new ideas can appear if one breaks out of a monotonous routine. The disengagement will be replaced with engagement as well.

Dropbox is a perfect example of this case. The company allows its workforce to choose when they work and also offers them unlimited paid time off.