Where to stay in Luxembourg City

luxembourg city 2

Are you moving to Luxembourg City? It is a small city lying at the heart of Western Europe. Its character far exceeds its size: It’s an international financial center, the official seat of several EU institutions and a job hub to many foreigners. It has a rich history, bears more than 170 nationalities and has a bustling metropolis life.

 As is the case in every other town, life is much more expensive within the center and gets cheaper towards the suburbs. Within the city center, apartments are priced at an average of 435,000 Euros and there is a lack of proper residential amenities resulting in a steady population decline over the past 30 years.

As you choose a place to settle, it would be helpful to study Luxembourg’s map. The city is divided into 24 quarters including: Beggen, Belair, Bonnevoie North/Verlorenkost, South Bonnevoie, High City, Cents, Cessange Clausen, Dommeldange Eich, Station, Gasperich, Grund, Muhlenbach Neudorf/Weimershof, Pfaffenthal Pulvermuhl, Rollengergronn/Belair North, Weimerskirch, Hamm, Hollerich, Kirchberg, Limpertsberg and Merl.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Schools for your children; whether you prefer international or local
  • Jobs and proximity to your workplace
  • Universities
  • Social amenities
  • Security
  • affordable and suitable housing

Here are some options.

Grund – it’s a wealthy neighborhood with magnificent views, but the rent prices high and the hotels are expensive. It is the most multicultural area with plenty of restaurants and pubs. It is linked to the city center by a bridge. It is the liveliest and most multicultural.

Limpertsberg – it has an underground atmosphere and is popular with students and business people.

Howald – some of its parts have heavy traffic and national roads, but the majority of it is quieter with a lot of greenery.

Strassen – it’s more expensive, calmer, has much forest cover and with many sporting facilities.

Merl – if you are a family person, this is the place for you. It’s green with green parks and horse riding opportunities.

Belair – it’s similar to Merl but is more up-market and expensive.

Clausen – it’s as lively as Grund and vibrant with high population. The number of bars and pubs is on a constant rise and has a brewery area.

Gare – it is the city around Luxembourg central train station. It is a business hub that bears interesting places and cheaper amenities and lifestyle. Due to a large number of people passing through, some of its parts have a poor reputation.

Kirchberg – it is home to several EU institutions, international banks, University of Luxembourg, the country’s most prominent sports venue and national concert hall among others. As a result, it is dense with commuters and has highly-priced property; thus, many people op to settle in neighboring quarters.

Dommeldange – its distance from the city center gives it a village feel. It has several new rising apartments and is steadily growing.

Hamm – for international schools, Hamm is the place to be.  It has a beautiful Itziger forest where you can run and bike. It’s close to the city center and has a peaceful, rural feel.

Cents – cents is similar to Hamm in many ways. Its sports facilities are reputable and it also has stringy trendy shops.

Neudorf-Weimershof – it’s located in a valley giving it less sunlight. Most of its apartments are located in new blocks and are affordable.

Bonnevoie – it is the largest and the best residential option. Its amenities are excellent, sound transportation system and it’s increasingly dynamic. The community is tight-knit, resulting in friendly vibes and a lively atmosphere.

Gasperich – it is far from the heart of the city. Its village state allows for gardens, more space, and a lower budget lifestyle. The new 80-hectare mixed real estate development called ‘Ban de Gasperich’ will be located here.

Cessange – here, you can own big property at lower costs. However, it suffers from airplane noise pollution.

Hollerich – rich diversity, an outstanding nightlife, beautiful landscape, the largest park and industrial & public buildings make up Hollerich.

Belair – it’s one of the most expensive living quarters that is furnished with charming townhouses, gourmet restaurants, designer shops, and friendly parks. The town is currently improving its green space.

Merl – this is an ideal town for families. Its vast expanse of vacant land, low urbanization, parks, and horse riding make it suitable for a family zone.

Let this be your guide as you venture into Luxembourg.