10 Most In-Demand Tech Skills in 2022

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More developers are entering the field than ever before, and that field is growing exponentially daily. To set yourself apart, you must diversify your portfolio of skills. We have compiled a list of the top 10 skills to add to your tool belt to make yourself the leading candidate.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

AI is the future, but it is also one of the most understaffed areas. AI applications are expected to open jobs in almost every industry, meaning the applications of AI are endless. By making yourself a fount of knowledge and master in AI, you make yourself a valuable team member that can help companies move into the future.

2. Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT refers to machines and technologies that are connected to the internet, giving them the ability to communicate with each other and you. This includes your cell phone, electric car, smart fridge, etc. The IoT is growing exponentially, so developing skills in big data and cloud programming, security solutions, machine learning, and embedded systems will give you a firm seat in a growing field.

3. Augmented Reality (AR)

AR is a technology that adds a computer-generated image to the users’ view of the real world. This composite view is already established technology and is expected to grow in the future. This tech skill already helps many developers find salaried positions. Companies looking to capitalize on AR are always looking for IT professionals proficient in developing applications to augment users’ reality.

4. Cloud Computing

The shift to the cloud has been pronounced. Companies are looking for solutions that eliminate space-wasting servers and empower their workers to work from home. Cloud computing is a popular solution, and IT professionals with this skill will continue to be in high demand.

5. Cybersecurity Excellence

With an increase in cloud computing comes an increased need for security. Cloud networks need to be much more secure than their physical counterparts, meaning that cybersecurity guards are a highly prized and paid part of any organization.

6. Blockchain Technology

Decentralized Economy (DE) is a term floating around for a few years now, and as cryptocurrency gains traction, DE’s become a more substantial possibility. Experts in the blockchain technology dependent on this are essential and will have opportunities at fast-paced and growing companies.

7. Digital Marketing

As the world moves online, so too does the way we market. More ways to sell online are popping up constantly and becoming a more popular way for companies to move their products. Developing digital marketing skills will give you a broader base of jobs to choose from.

8. Multifaceted Programming Languages

Choosing to gain proficiency in programming languages with a wide range of applications (JavaScript or Python, for example) can make you a coveted programmer who can handle various challenges.

9. Web Development

When was the last time you tried to look up a company that didn’t have a website? To stay competitive and credible in today’s world, companies require a well-developed website. This means people possessing these skills will always be in high demand.

10. Mobile App Development

Like a website, companies are turning to apps to stay competitive and relevant. Bringing the skills to create useful mobile apps effectively will make you an invaluable team member.

Jack of All Trades or Master of One?

As companies diversify their portfolios, they diversify their needs. Companies are looking for candidates with a wide variety of skills rather than candidates who can successfully accomplish one and only one thing. Developers who gain proficiency in various tech skills mentioned above will set themselves up to have their pick of jobs in the tech sector.