Overview of the IT Hiring Trends in 2021

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Photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels

With the pandemic, many businesses have switched from being physical to the digital world. An increase in the digitalization of many businesses has resulted in an increased demand for competent developers globally. This is because every business needs a developer to stay relevant online. However, the lack of quality developers out there remains a challenge, and because of this, the trends in the hiring process have changed.

What Roles are in high demand in the IT Industry?

There is generally an increased demand for software engineers in every aspect (front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers). However, it has been observed that many companies want to hire software developers who are knowledgeable and can swiftly run on any tasks given.

How long does it take to fill a new Tech role?

Despite the rise in the number of recruiters for tech candidates, it has still been observed that it takes a longer time (about 61 days) to fill a tech role vis a vis a non-tech role. This is not far-fetched because developers have increasingly high demand, making it quite challenging to have them fill up available vacancies.

Let’s have a quick run through some of the IT hiring trends in 2021

Digitalizing the processes of Recruitment and Human Resources

It’s commonplace today to screen applicants using Artificial Intelligence as a hiring process. This way, recruiters are saved the time and hassles of going through resumes manually. Job descriptions and application forms have also been made easy, especially on mobile devices. Quite a number of candidates have come to love this digitalization and followed through with companies that provide this.

Hiring and working remotely

In recent times, remote working has become a better option for developers rather than in-office work. This is why asking for an on-site interview could be displeasing to a potential candidate. Instead, use various video interviewing tools to set up an interview, preferably one the applicant is comfortable with. In addition, give an option of remote work because recently, developers tend to decline offers from organizations that compulsorily ask them to work on-site.

Part-Time Hiring

Most companies have been found to hold back on hiring full-time employees in recent times, and this is so that they get to hire specialists for their short-term needs and cut down on technical expenses.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity of employees is very important so as to come up quickly and effectively with an innovative solution.

Swift Decisions

Once you have found your chosen candidate, do not delay. Send in an offer as quickly as possible so that you don’t lose that developer to another ready company.

Offer more Benefits

Developers are known to go for companies that have higher benefits to offer them. So, do well to make your company worth coming to. Assist them in every way possible and try to be interested in their well-being outside of work.

Employer Branding

Most employees would prefer to work for a reliable brand. Do well to paint your company in a good light to the public and let your words and claims be valid internally.