Why Software Developers Should Choose Vienna

Photo by Dimitry Anikin on Unsplash

Countries in Europe have become popular with the tech industry. In particular, places such as London, Berlin, and even Amsterdam are home to highly qualified, skilled software developers. While those places hold top spots in the business world, other smaller cities are just as qualified.

Let’s look at the city of Vienna and explore why software developers should work there.

Startup Businesses

The past year has explicitly seen a significant rise in startup businesses. Vienna took advantage of its resources, including its geographical location within Europe, to better assist those businesses. Even governments have utilized the city’s Business Agency to build onto the country’s overall economic infrastructure. Startups benefited from Vienna’s help in regard to obtaining office space, gaining knowledge for how to successfully run a startup, and developing the necessary skills.


Jobs for software developers in Vienna tend to start at €35,000 for developers with entry-level to mid-level skills and can go up to around €49,000. Senior developers can make up to €79,000, while an increased salary could be made for management positions.


Vienna has held the title of most livable city in Europe for the last decade. It’s also considered one of the top beautiful cities in the country. Culture, technology, and transportation are other areas this place thrives in.


Within Vienna are business agencies who help newly-relocated developers network in order to get comfortable with the city and its lifestyle. One resource is the Expat Club, which actively works alongside recent movers by connecting them with members of the Viennese community. The Expat Club also hosts events in Vienna, including exhibition tours, company visits, workshops, and tours of other attractions.


The success of software developers in Vienna is high, but the atmosphere is competitive. Its technological advancements keep up with those around the world, making the industry there beneficial even if developers decide to move away. As with any tech industry, companies in this city offer good benefits, schedules, salaries, and so on for highly-skilled, qualified developers. They can find jobs in other countries without worrying about catching up to the latest technology.


Vienna is considered a ‘tech hub’ or an area rich in technology. With its focus on culture and history, software developers can build stronger relationships inside and out of their jobs. Startup businesses have a higher success rate here as well. This is because developers know how to help large and small companies due to the solid education system setup.

Additionally, salaries for any positions in the tech and business industries are higher than in other sectors. The amount of experience, education, and specific skill sets will, of course, factor into how much a developer is paid. However, Vienna has earned and kept the title as the most livable city in Europe for a reason. Even newly-relocated software developers looking to make a name for themselves can receive help from the Viennese government. There are many ways the city makes sure its developers and its citizens are treated of the same quality as the work being produced there.