Vienna Top Location for Tech Companies

Photo by Leyy . on Unsplash

Austria is the center point in Europe which makes it the top business location for creating business relationships. Over 380 industries have made Austria their home for their CEE HQ in the technology revolution.

AI Helping to Attract FDI to Vienna

Vienna is at the frontlines for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) throughout Europe. Of the almost 8,900 industries in the ICT, the arena brings a profit margin equal to two-thirds of Austria’s total business worth.

Vienna Business Agency is the focal point for the Viennese technology developers and the city, guiding its understanding. Vienna Business Agency assists businesses in reaching key customers; they also consult and support these same businesses.

Vienna invested its technology to meet the demands throughout the world in the last ten years. This innovative feature gave Vienna the rating of the top smart cities. Vienna’s central location has made business throughout Europe a more straightforward endeavor.

Austria has focused on the Vienna 2030 strategy that brings the next ten years’ goals into the digitalization world. Digital humanism is a new term classifying technology on the global level and views this as a culture.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a critical topic that will conserve the city’s high-quality everyday life. With AI technology, this brings Vienna closer to becoming the digital capital which is the cities goal.

A favorable tax system makes Vienna attractive to corporates

Austria has become the hub location for central Europe because of the convenient location. The country has a favorable taxation policy for companies with a place within the city limits of Vienna.  Austria is also in the lead for open government data and web applications, allowing more than 90% of companies to take advantage of this feature. is a marketplace for software developers, making it the largest in Europe, focusing on the technology environment.


Austria and Vienna have a solid strategy and focal goals frequently at the center of the industries that benefit from these resources. While the goal setting focuses on generating an increasing business presence within the city, the business’s benefits are also there.

This strategy creates a working relationship for both sources while achieving long-term goals on both sides. Businesses will locate in this type of technology improving area because of the support, location, and taxation.