How Many Developers Are in the World in 2021?

Photo by Anthony Riera on Unsplash

In today’s modern time software developers are crucial for building applications and software that connects people across the globe.

The number of developers in the world in 2021

The current number of developers in the world is almost 27 million. For the next ten years is expected growth of 75% and is expected that the number will hit 45 million till 2030. By some research United States is the number one population with developers in the world with more than 4 million developers, but the expectations are that by 2024 India will take over the top. Europe has over 6 million developers with most of them in Poland, Germany, and the UK. In the next few years are expecting growth in these numbers in Europe, Asia and stagnation in the US.

The demographic structure in the world of software developers

From some assumptions, there are over 40 million people in the globe who have some kind of connection with the development, whether web development or software developers. According to some research, women participate with less than 20 percent in IT jobs in the US. One interesting fact is that in India we can notice the biggest gender quality. In India in the IT industry, there are a lot of female developers.

The demand for software developers is still rising 

New startup companies are coming every year, so the demand for developers is rising.

There is a number of reasons why are we observing this trend.

  1. We can see a high number of similar apps in different countries.
  2. Every application has a lifetime and it needs constant changing with new fresh ideas and talents.
  3. You need expert and experienced developers for the most complex projects.
  4. New programming languages are coming up, so you need more developers.

New working habits because of the Coronavirus

With the start of the Coronavirus, the need for developers became even higher. Remote working has become a popular trend with almost every company in the world implementing it. One problem that comes to the surface was working overtime, so the best thing to do is to read some tips on how to manage teams that are working remotely.

How is the growth in Asia and Latin America affecting countries in Europe?

With the growth of developers in Asia and Latin America, the question was whether this will affect some countries in Europe like Romania or Poland? But the answer to this question is no because they have clients all over the world. The only thing in mind for Eastern European countries is to continue producing quality products.

So what’s coming up?

In the last thirty years, the IT sector had an enormous growth rate. This industry has become one of the most influential and desirable professions in the world. The industry is constantly growing, changing, and providing opportunities for developers across the globe. This sphere is going to continue growing and also we can expect to see more women developers in the near future.