7 Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Trends

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As Covid-19 passes by and life is getting back to normal, it’s nice to look forward and follow some of the talent acquisition and recruitment trends that we are going to see. The pandemic had a big impact on many fields, and HR and recruiting are no different. This was the period where we saw the rise of remote interviewing.

Here are the seven trends that are going to have a crucial impact on your recruitment strategies in 2021.

  • Remote interviewing

One of the biggest changes in the recruitment business was remote interviewing. It was inevitable for hiring during the global pandemic, where a high number of the global population was working from home and the candidates were unable to travel.

Remote interviewing started taking its place. Companies were using video conferencing software like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoRemote, and other similar programs or tools to help them conduct the interviews. The platforms also provide the opportunity for other departments, other than the recruiter to join the meeting and also participate in the selection process.

Although this seems great, remote interviews can be very challenging. You must have stable internet, a clean location, no distractions, or a noisy environment. As the pandemic is coming to an end with the arrival of the vaccines, remote interviewing will be less frequent but we should expect this trend to go away at once.

  • Candidate experience

The Covid-19 crisis provided the need for employees to have a positive work-life balance. Companies provided listening programs and a chance to develop and gain experience. Organizations that have a main focus on the well-being of their employees tend to be more successful and profitable. There are two ways to improve the candidate experience: upgrade the career site and start using surveys to get some feedback from the candidates. Candidates want career sites that are easy to use and can quickly apply for new jobs.

  • Diversity and inclusion

Recruiters are now expected to make a mixture in the hiring process a top priority. The researches show that an organization with a varied workforce and a workplace where all candidates are comfortable has better profits and productivity. The job of the recruiter is to find those candidates.

  • Contingent workers

Over the most recent few years, there was a new hot trend in many companies that started employing part-time workers. The hiring process for the employment of part-time workers is specially made for them and is different than the one that is used for full-time employees.

  • Analytics

Analytics is a new trend that will help companies to find the best suitable candidate for their organization. Analytics can help recruiters with a variety of metrics such as cost per hire, quality of hire, vacancy cost, etc. Although this is not a recruiting trend the HR is usually adopting this trend at a fast rate to help them make better decisions.

  • Artificial intelligence

This is the fastest-growing software for talent acquisition. AI can help you identify and engage talent. AI is continuously improving with machine learning which means the more you use it the software becomes more helpful. With AI you have smart talent programs, job posting platforms, NLP capabilities, and chatbots.

  • Skills and competencies

Finding the best suitable candidate for an open vacancy has been streamlined by the use of online assessment tests such as those offered by KillerCoder. For example for different positions, you need to possess different skill sets. Having the right software to help you match the right talents with the right job positions will increase the success of your hiring process.