Top Remote Recruitment Trends Reviewed 2021

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Recruitment has been changing gradually over the past two decades. The rise of Covid-19 hastened the change of how interviews and recruitment were being conducted. In two years, the world has been changed to a global village. Since there was a need to maintain continuity in market and value, companies adopted new technology without a second thought.

Talview released a survey, Global Remote Hiring Trends, which highlighted all recruitment trends in 2021. The survey explained the technology that enterprises need to adapt to maintain effective remote hiring. One hundred and forty-five organizations and fifteen industries participated in the survey.

Current trends

100% remote hiring

More than three-quarters of the respondents revealed that the pandemic accelerated the remote process. They said that measures to ensure recruitment were done swiftly were initiated immediately when the pandemic struck the world. Online recruitment platforms were implemented to aid in smooth recruitment.

According to their experience, remote recruitment was time-saving, flexible, and convenient. Some respondents said that they faced challenges in initiating the whole process due to legal requirements. Technical positions were the most suitable for remote hiring, followed by service providers.

Eliminate geographical barriers
The survey concluded that hiring managers are reluctant to shift to remote recruitment because they firmly believe in-person working is better than remote. 79% of the respondents had a positive attitude on hiring outside their local areas. In a real sense, remote hiring helps in expanding the job market\and hiring qualified candidates out of your boundary.

Diversify remote hiring

Is it possible to hire beyond geographical area? Three-quarter of the respondents said that hiring beyond their geographical locations increased access to qualified candidates.

Candidate vs. recruiter experience

Companies are focusing on improving interviews to ensure candidates participate freely. Hiring managers focusing managers are focusing on how to empower applicants to retrieve refined information from them during interviews. Recruiters have a role to play when it comes to empowering candidates’ experience.

Though the whole process is conducted online, recruiters familiarize themselves with candidates by creating a conducive interview environment. According to the survey, 74% of the respondents embraced remote hiring because candidates participate in the process from their comfort zones. This increases the experience between candidates and interviewing team.

Future trends

Adopt digital recruitment

The 2021 survey revealed that companies demanded an end-end encryption platform for screening skills and resumes during interviews. Future technologies needed by companies are; chatbot, slack, 3D virtual platforms, and ATS integration.

Participants embraced virtual meeting platforms such as video conferencing due to their efficiency and effectiveness.

Empower candidates

Interviews should not be aimed at terrorizing candidates but instead help them explain their competence freely. It should be a win-win game between candidates and interviewers. Remote hiring provides an alternative for interviewing, and candidates are relieved of anxiety.

To sum up, technological innovations are changing how businesses are conducting day-day activities and adapting quickly to these innovations. Home-based offices are replacing physical offices and in-person activities abandoned. Remote hiring automation breaks geographical barriers and thus access to a pool of candidates.