10 of the Most Demanding Jobs in Tech 

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Working in a respected company may be rewarding in financial benefits, but some of the benefits come at the cost of stressful and demanding work environments. Most job positions in technology sectors work well for one’s life and work balance. There is satisfaction from working in tech sectors, but others have criticized some technology companies for their tough environment and time constraints. 

Furthermore, everyone wants a little insight into what the environment is like within interested prospects. Certainly, employers will not go into full detail about their workplace environment, especially straying away from the negatives. 

Here are the top 10 demanding jobs in tech-based on employees who have had the experience:

  1. Security Professional – Security Professionals make a salary of $124, 250 within the information sector, $100,00 for systems information, $105, 500 for networking sectors, and lastly $112,500 for data sectors. Security professionals can be defined as data, systems, cloud, information, and network security that ensure IT initiates remain protected from any type of threat. Along with these security aspects, these professionals are also required to ensure compliance with regulations and security “trends.”
  2. Cloud Architect & Strategists – Cloud architects oversee one’s company’s strategy for cloud computing. They are responsible for managing and supporting the applications supported by the cloud. Cloud architects earn about $121,000 and are in the 25th percentile for the most in-demand tech jobs in 2021. 
  3. Programmer Analyst – Program Analysts ensure the design and code of innovative programs by testing with detailed documentation. These analysts are responsible for debugging and troubleshooting information systems, and certain applications. This job role is especially important in the tech industry because of the amount of troubleshooting needing for application programs. 
  4. Systems Analyst – A systems analyst is like a program analyst as they help solve a lot of problems within the business. They are primarily responsible for researching and analyzing problems within the organization. Next, they are tasked with fixing those issues as soon as possible in a cost-effective manner. 
  5. Applications Developer – Applications developers, or to be more specific, mobile application developers are in high demand. They are responsible for various mobile platforms today, and how to effectively develop applications for IOS, Windows, Android, etc. Programming is a highlight within this job role and is a necessity to have as a skill. Debugging programs and improving them is a key aspect as well. 
  6. Network Administrator – These important roles are responsible for LAN/WAN protocol, software, and hardware procedures. Most of the time spent in this role is troubleshooting and diagnostic procedures. However, this role has been reported to consistently have “on-call” days, which can create more stress. 
  7. Software Developer – This role is important because they are responsible for developing, designing, installing, testing, and overall maintain all software systems within tech. This role requires an individual who is primary at coding and building multiple types of platforms. Another key part of this role is the ability to understand the programming language needed to develop the applications and succeed in clientele asks. 
  8. DevOps Engineering – This type of engineering practice offers faster working time for code development, and fewer malfunctions to catch. Because of this easier approach, it makes it one of the most in-demand tech positions when looking for engineers. This type of engineering oversees IT infrastructure, provision resources, and software testing/workability, which simplifies the efficiency of companies. 
  9. Help Desk/ Technology Support Professionals – Help desk professionals are incredibly important because of their ability to community effectively with customers – the people who keep the business afloat? These people are the first ones who are contacted to handle troubleshooting issues. Whenever you have an issue at work or school, there is a help desk, right? Well, these are the roles that are in high demand but are stressful because of the customer service work and long hours. 
  10. Database Managers – Similar to network administrators, their responsibility is very high-demand and requires someone who can work hard under pressure. They oversee troubleshooting and debugging programs within the database in organizations. These positions are categorized as “always on call,” and “always working,” which can contribute to harsh and stressful work environments. 

In conclusion, there are many tech jobs out there that are high in demand and treat their employees with the right amount of respect and a healthy work environment. However, some do create stressful lives for their employees, yet the great pay tends to outweigh the complaints. Some may thrive in tight deadlines and pressuring job titles, and that is their prerogative! Some enjoy the challenge, but it is okay to stick to the more flexible technology jobs if that is more feasible.