The Most Difficult IT Hires Today 

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

The demand for IT specialists is increasing while the supply is still not enough. According to researchers, personnel with technical knowledge are scarce to find nowadays. Nearly all the firms today are IT-based, and every organization is looking forward to hiring different specialists to perform the IT tasks. Many countries are looking for IT engineers and even willing to pay higher salaries due to the competition. The following are the areas with scarce IT knowledge.

Cloud engineers roles

The demand for cloud engineers is increasing; anyone with IT knowledge concerning the cloud has a greater chance of being employed. Cloud roles, including the network and security administrators, are the most wanted today. Cloud is beneficial to organizations today because most of them store sensitive data in the cloud. Cloud engineers with new technical skills concerning skills are in high demand.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Scientist

AI has become very helpful in decision-making among organizations today, and data scientists advise using AI in decision-making. The IT personnel with these skills are very scarce, and they are in very high demand.

Hybrid roles

Finding IT, specialists with embedded data skills, software architects, and enterprise architect is very hard. The personnel who performs such roles are very scarce, and they are essential in the business domain. Sometimes partnering with a university might be a good idea to ensure that the graduates have the right technical skills.

Information Technology architects

Full-stack software developers and IT engineers with application development knowledge for organizations are hard to find. The architects are concerned with functions such as developing the mainframe and main services.

Emerging technology and business sense knowledge

The problem is not finding an IT specialist with knowledge of emerging technology such as IoT. However, finding someone who can integrate this knowledge into business success is very difficult.

Penetration testers

Cybersecurity requires highly skilled personnel with a scientific mindset to uncover cyberattacks. The software engineers who conduct penetration testing should be highly qualified to avoid application breakdown and attacks. The specialist in this area is also hard to find those with a scientific mindset.

Security auditors

There are security auditors with high technical skills concerning cloud, Linux, programming languages, etc. However, if the security auditors don’t have enough knowledge to interview the developers, their experience will not be helpful. Finding security auditors all these skills is hard to find, and companies are facing shortages.

Technical translators

Research has shown that finding tech experts who can blend with non-tech workers is very hard. The tech translators need to explain to the other employees the processes that directly affect their department’s functionalities. These tech translators are very rare to find, and hence this adds to be the most demanding IT hires.

In conclusion, the shortages in IT specialists might be brought forward by fewer graduates in this sector. IT firms need to partner with universities offering these courses to increase graduates’ number and ensure they have the desired skills. The hiring managers in organizations should also reconsider their decision of finding the most experienced personnel and look for those who are willing to learn from others.