Remote Working for Tech Experts in Luxembourg

Image by Felix Wolf from Pixabay

Working from home became the new normal for many people across the globe. This has been impacted by Covid 19 in the year 2020. In Luxembourg, it wasn’t exceptional; many people, including tech workers and developers, switched to working from home. However, based on research conducted, there was negative and positive feedback from tech experts and developers.

Many people preferred remote working because there was a reduction in the hazard of being infected with covid 19. However, it became hard for other people whose work demanded them to be on the job. The different views reported by people are as discussed below.

Some companies adopted remote working earlier.

The survey conducted shown different results from respondents. Other companies discouraged remote working completely and adopted it earlier. However, other respondents said that their companies had an option of either working from home or working places. Based on the different responses, a conclusion came out that most companies in Luxembourg adopted remote working even before the lockdown. And after the national lockdown was announced, workers were already used to remote working, and business continued as usual.

The balance between remote working and office working.

In Luxembourg, remote working was highly discouraged. However, many companies are offering the option for remote working and office working. Response from different employees shows that they were satisfied with switching between remote working and office working. Some responded said that they had created schedules for working from home and office working. Based on the survey, some companies still offer an option between working from home and office working. In these companies, employees are the ones to choose their comfortable mode of work.

Temporary change towards remote working is not expected to last; however, some factors support this trend. The main factors include rising in covid 19 infection cases, vacations like a summer holiday, and lifting the cross border workers working from home. Remote working will be more convenient to many employees based on the above factors. There will be no need to shut down during the summer holiday, and remote working will still work best.

Remote working remains the best choice.

Considering that more than half of the respondents were comfortable working remotely, it is justifiable that remote working is the best. The other group, who does not prefer remote working, argues that it has disadvantages and advantages. The main reasons why people prefer remote working is because they prefer quiet working places, getting enough time with family, getting more time to exercise, etc.

The response from those who don’t prefer remote working shows the following reasons. Disruption from kids at home, there is no work-life balance, poor communication among colleagues, and lack of proper machines at home to conduct their work compared to the office. The three reasons bring more concern for the small percentage disagreeing with remote working. However, judging from the entire survey, most people prefer remote working.

In conclusion, remote working is still under discussion today. To come up with the final decision, an analysis should be conducted on both sides. Those disagreeing should be educated on the positive impact of remote working being given a chance to prove it.