Best Cities in Germany to Live in: A City Comparison

Image by liggraphy from Pixabay

Centering Europe bordering the baltic sea and the north sea in the north lies Germany with a 357,386km² land size. If you’re planning a vacation and wondering which city to reside in, this article is for you. This vast country has cities where you can visit and enjoy quality time. Amongst the rest are 5 top-notch places to check out. This article will show you the list of cities which are popularly known as the 5 best cities in Germany and how they can suit your taste.


If you’re a football fan, you must have heard of the great Berlin city where the world cup final which was won by Italy took place. It’s no surprise that Berlin is one of the best cities not just in Germany but in the world at large. It is a historic city which serves as homes to many foreigners and a wonderful place for tourist attractions due to the historic buildings and statues found in the city. The aspect of language is not a barrier because Berlin as a whole is accommodating. They welcome new cultures into the city and due to the populations of foreigners, individuals are afforded the opportunity of learning multiple languages. If you’re wondering if Berlin is a nice place to have a decent education, then you’re right. It has 5 public universities and more than 20 private ones. Just like I said earlier on, language is not a barrier in Berlin as students are also taught in the English language. There are varieties of courses to choose from and their school fees are very affordable, unlike many other European countries. They offer quality education and are well known for their production of more than 20 Nobel Laureate winners. The cost of living there is very affordable as things are quite cheaper. Finding a job isn’t much of a fuss because many establishments are both home-based and foreign and they accommodate both start-up and large-scale establishments. Examples are Zalando, hello fresh, sap, etc.


Munich has an attractive career opportunity for people in the financial sector and electronic automotive industry. It is a base for most major global corporations like BMW, Allianz Ag, Siemens e.t.c. Munich is known as one of the top-ranked student schools in the world due to their major aspects in technology. Just like many other German cities, Munich has an affordable educational system. The city is also known for its specialty in locally brewed beers which are then exported to other countries. Munich poses a high standard of living and is ranked in 49th position as the most expensive city in Europe. Housing bills are expensive due to various technological industries but they have a standard salary payment they offer to their workers.


Another city we will be looking at is the city of Hamburg usually referred to as one of the finest cities in Germany. Hamburg is known for its rich culture in music and is known as the best musical city second only to New York and London. The city also boasts of an impressive 50 museums, 45 theatres, and over 100 musical venues. Having such a vast establishment, we can say that Hamburg offers people career options to choose from in their media and entertainment sector. They also offer people the opportunity of venturing into sectors like commerce, marketing, and any work scope within that discipline. It is one of the safest cities to live in. The city also offers a nice country life bursting with fun. They have a lot of tourist centers like the lake in Alster,  a lot of shopping malls, and culturally rich dishes to choose from.  Hamburg can also be considered as one of the most expensive cities to live in. The city is populated with millionaires due to their various artistic investments and offers a 9% higher cost of living than berlin.


A city with impressive sky scrappers buildings and a beautiful edifice. It is also known as the headquarter of European central banks, German central banks, stock exchange institutions e.t.c. This wonderful city offers students the chance to learn in such a well-grilled financial atmosphere. It affords them the chance to be good in business studies with so many institutions offering lectures in the English language. It has one of the best infrastructures in the world. Its flight operation is free-flowing and easy so it encourages traveling. The city is in the heart of Europe and due to its business-like nature, it draws foreigners to the city and allows them to learn different languages. Frankfurt has a high standard of living but also puts its workers on a standard salary base.


Finally, Stuttgart is a city with a higher temperature than the rest of Germany with its environs surrounded by valleys and mountains. It is s place of numerous automobile companies like Porsche and Damian and it offers job opportunities to various residence living there as well. It also encourages students to be versatile in automobile disciplines. Stuttgart is also known as the safest city in Germany and offers a serene of comfort and peace. It also has a high standard of living due to the city’s advancement

In conclusion, all the cities are great places to be in with each of them having various features which are slightly similar to each other and few other differences. When choosing between these cities, it is advisable to pick according to what favors you. You might want to consider choosing the safest place to stay while another will prefer choosing a place he can establish himself. Germany as a whole offers individuals opportunities to pick from a wide range of jobs with their technological advancement, quality, and affordable schools, and high-paying income. Everything is geared toward making life comfortable for its citizens and foreigners.